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Daddy Doms – Little Girls

on February 7, 2013

Daddy Doms - Little Girls

The writing below is part of a post from Not so growed up…  I am including it here because I believe it is an excellent description of what being a Daddy Dom and being a Little is truly all about.  It explains the dynamic of the relationship between DD/lg’s.  I want to share this here because there is so much misinformation and misunderstanding out there.


The first point i’d like to make is: Daddy Doms and their little girls are NOT sick and twisted perverts driven by deep seated incestuous or paedophilic desires.

Littles are simply adult women with a childlike personality and who appreciate an emotionally mature partner to protect, comfort and love them. Littles in a DD/lg relationship are not interested in incest!

Daddy Doms are Dominants who simply assume a much more nurturing and caring role than Dominants in other types of D/s relationships. Little girls are submissive women who have a naturally childlike personality that is especially dominant in them when they are around a Daddy Dom who makes them feel safe and cherished.

Daddy Doms vs. Masters:

Daddy Doms are just like other Dominants and Masters but with 1 or 2 key differences. They still take charge and enjoy being in control but they often enforce different kinds of rules. Daddy Doms will more likely focus on their sibmissive’s personal growth, goals and needs than on things like protocol and how certain actions are carried out. Another difference is that Daddy Doms not only accept but actually value and treasure their submissive’s inner little, encouraging their sub to enter and even live in ‘little space’, to play and to explore and enjoy their little side. Other Masters may rather prefer a submissive with an adult attitude towards life and may actually find littles annoying. Another big difference between other Dominants and Daddy Doms is that being playful, having fun and being able to laugh, A LOT, is a necessity and it is also essential to have a nurturing and affectionate relationship with your little. Not to say that other types of Masters cannot show affection but for the most part they seem to me more stoic, more rigid and far less full of warm fuzzies.

Daddy Doms and Sadism:

Just because a Daddy Dom is nurturing and affectionate does not mean that he cannot be sadistic as well. They can enjoy and embrace their inner sadist while catering to and fulfilling their submissive’s masochistic side.

What is a Daddy-Dom’s job?

First and foremost, Daddy Doms are Dominants and as such it is his job to take charge of his little, to guide her and help her achieve her goals, to protect her and to love and nurture her. Other types of Dominants may be free to flippantly order their submissive around purely for their own pleasure but Daddy Doms dominate and enforce rules according to goals set in place in order to nurture and guide their little and based on what is in their submissive’s best interest.

That being said, Daddy Doms do get a great deal of pleasure from their littles both sexually and otherwise.

Being a Daddy Dom is simply a part of someone’s personality, he likes being a dominant but he likes doing to in a more affectionate and nurturing capacity than is the accepted norm for D/s lifestyle relationships. Daddy Doms often enjoy and find both the little and adult sides of their submissives attractive and can appreciate them both. littles appeal to them because they cater to their desires to nurture, protect and love as well as him enjoying and being amused by the natural, child-like little girl personality in a beautiful adult woman’s body.

Why are littles the way they are and why do they need a Daddy Dom?

Littles are unique women who retain a childlike aspect of their personality. This isn’t to say that there is something wrong with them, on the contrary, although the majority of society doesn’t understand their inner little and so sees it as something undesirable. These women need Daddy Doms to make them feel safe, to embrace their inner littles and accept them for who they are in their entirety, the grown up woman and the inner little girl.

What is a Daddy Dom Like?

Daddy Doms love their littles unconditionally. They cherish the woman as well as her inner little and revel in her childlike personality, her innocence and her appreciation of the simple things like cuddles and cartoons on a weekend morning, milkshakes instead of coffee and the way she turns to him for reassurance. He protects her, guides her when she is unsure of loses her way, he helps her reach her goals and is proud of her when she does. Daddy Doms with a sadistic streak may love to cause her physical pain, the type she likes and craves, but he hates and does everything he can not to hurt her emotionally. He will punish her for transgression, whether he enjoys it or not, and will praise her for a job well done. It takes a great deal of discipline and strength from a Daddy Dom to do what he needs to do: dominate, care for, guide, punish, praise, comfort, understand and love his little. He draws on his own life experiences to guide her and keep her safe all the while accepting her as his, all parts of her – grown up and little.

What is a little like?

Littles are very complex women as they are both sexy, adult women and cute inner littles. They can very well run a company but also may sleep with a teddy bear at night for comfort. She enjoys ‘little’ behaviour which may include games, puzzles, colouring in, arts and crafts, watching cartoons and going out for ice-cream. However, she also enjoys adult interests such as sexy lingerie, girls night out with friends, shopping and much more. She feels safest in her Daddy Dom’s arms and around him she is free to be herself, a quickly mix of adult and little girl and she is free to pursue her ‘little’ interests. She may be needy and whiny at times, she may have irrational fears. She will most likely pout and sulk sometimes but she will also light up with an innocent child-like enthusiasm for things she enjoys and, of course, for her Daddy Dom. She is submissive by nature, seeing the guidance, domination and nurturing love of a Daddy Dom who will guide, protect and comfort her when the world becomes too much to handle. She respects him, submits to his will and trusts him completely to keep her safe and love her.


Read the entire post by visiting:  Not so growed up…



25 responses to “Daddy Doms – Little Girls

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  2. aneela71 says:

    Reblogged this on aneela71 and commented:
    So awesome…kudos to the writer

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  4. Milly says:

    This is a great post, I know a good website if anyone wants to know a little more

  5. Thank you for this article … for so long I thought there was something wrong with me and was scared that maybe there was a reason I feel the way I do … this article sums me up and sums up the type of relationships I crave perfectly … nice to know in some context it makes sense and maybe … I’m not alone.

    • Thank you for reading and commenting.
      You are for sure not alone.
      I too was worried that there must be a reason (a traumatic one) for wanting and being drawn to certain things including the DD/lg dynamic. I have tried to let that worry go and just accept my sexuality. I feel that my sexuality is blossoming now and I wouldn’t change that for the world.
      Hopefully you will discover the same thing.
      Good luck!

    • Little tiger 69 says:

      Same here.

      • Thank you!
        I love sharing info because there seems to be so little good information out there about the Daddy Dom – Little Girl relationship.
        Thanks for commenting!

  6. anonymous says:

    Is it okay for a Daddy Dom to cheat or seek pleasure from someone else other than his Little? Is there a way for the Little herself to make a rule for him not to?

    • I think that if it is termed ‘cheating’ then no, it’s not okay.
      Anything that a Daddy and Little mutually agree on… is up to them.
      If something is done dishonestly… I think that is a problem.
      The Little is not powerless, just submissive and there is a huge difference.
      The most important thing, in my humble opinion, is open and honest communication between the Daddy and the Little. If there isn’t that – there isn’t much.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  7. B says:

    Littles can be male as well

  8. Leigh Taylor says:

    This is absolutely beautiful. I have a Daddy-Dom. I love him soo much. I’ve just been sitting and crying at the thought of one day the inevitable of death, and I’m left without him. I feel it would destroy me. I pray everyday that we may go together. I’m hugging my giant stuffie from Daddy now. My heart hurts. I just want to make him proud. I feel broken and deflated if ever I let him down. ♥

    • Well… it’s always good to concentrate on the here and now.
      Enjoy each other in the moment.
      The future will come, when it does and we have no control over when things happen.
      Worry not or you’ll damper your present.
      Thanks for commenting.

  9. annabianca2014 says:

    Reblogged this on Finding Me and commented:
    A must read

  10. thefemalegamgee says:

    This was super informative! This type of relationship is giving me all of the warm fuzzies and sounds exactly like what I’ve always wanted. Thanks for the great article!!

    • Thanks – I love to hear that people get something from my blog.
      If you are just at the beginning of the DD/lg journey – you have a wonderful journey ahead!
      Thanks for commenting!

  11. Steve says:

    Sorry, not buying it. Littles are dysfunctional adults who don’t want to grow up. They are in an arrested state of development and don’t want to accept responsibility. Like a young teenager. It’s a stage everyone in life goes through but normal people realize they have to grow up and take care of themselves.
    Telling littles they are normal and their behavior is acceptable promotes mental illness and hinders people from fully developing into productive members of society. We have enough leeches around, no need to encourage more.

    • I find it interesting that you equate being vulnerable with being mentally ill.

      I consider myself to be a “Little” – however I am in no way a dysfunctional adult. I have a full time job, I have raised a daughter on my own since she was 6 years of age, I have a house, a car and I support both myself and my daughter financially. How is that being a leech?

      I’m not sure what experiences you are forming your opinions on but to group and label ‘Littles’ as being mentally ill, dysfunctional adults and ‘leeches’ – is obviously short sighted and ignorant to the many different types of people in the lifestyle. You are stereotyping us all.

      I question your aversion to being vulnerable yourself. Perhaps look in the mirror and answer some of those questions for yourself.

  12. Aidan says:

    It feels so good to know that I am not the only one that finds this relationship so emotional and passionate!!!

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