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Visit With Daddy

on October 26, 2012


Today I got to spend time with Daddy.

We did lots of fun things.  He took me to a Halloween store and we played with the cool stuff… looked at costumes…

Then we went to a sex shop.  We got three new toys to play with next time.

We went lots of other places, had lunch, Daddy bought me three new shades of pink nail polish.

When we went back to his car… he showed me his knife.  The one I have been wanting to see for a while.  He handed it to me, let me look it over… we have talked about wanting to try knife play… he told me to be careful, it was sharp, which only made me curious to see – how sharp.  I wanted him to show me how he could run the blade across my skin… pressing… just before it breaks the skin.  I held my arm out for him… he took the knife… and showed me two different techniques.  The first, he used more of the edge of the blade… it created a red mark but didn’t hurt that much.  The second technique, he used more of the tip of the knife…  that one stung a lot more than the first… it created a red line but thinner than the first one.

Think we are going to have a lot of interesting fun with this….

I loved the feeling of it.  I loved that he did it to me.  No hesitation on my part at all, to have him, put that type of weapon up against my skin and ask him to use it.  I trust him and that’s part of what turns me on so much about knife play.  I can’t wait till we can be alone, in the bedroom next Friday.  He whispered in my ear that he will lie me on my stomach, tie me up… so I will be completely helpless… he will run the knife along my back, over my ass… along my inner leg and when he is done…  he will re-claim me, in the spot that belongs only to him.  I can’t wait.


Hard to see in this picture but…                                                  The shorter line was the first technique…                                   the longer line…the second technique.


Needless to say… it was a very fun day.




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