Growing Up Little

A woman exploring the world of BDSM and sharing what she discovers…

Truth at the Library?

on October 31, 2012


I am going to see my Daddy Dom on Friday.  The thought of it makes me smile.  I went to the library this week and picked out several children’s books.  When I was signing them out, the librarian said, “Oh… you obviously have little ones.  Let me grab you a copy of our children’s events calendar.”  You should have seen my face turn red!

I was tempted to say, “Actually, these books are for me.  My Daddy Dom is going to read them to me this Friday in a hotel room, where we are spending the entire day alone together and having the hottest, kinkiest sex ever.”

Needless to say, that is NOT what I said back to the local small town librarian!  It was – “thank you”.


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