Growing Up Little

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A Woman Never Forgets

A Woman Never Forgets

You are so good for me.
You are exactly what I need.
I am growing so much with you.
Learning so much with you.
Discovering so many new things.
You are opening all these new worlds for me and encouraging me to explore them.
And when I get scared, you’re there, helping me and guiding me along the way.
Walking together, allowing me to put my little hand, in your strong one.
These are all things, that a woman never forgets.

Daddy and Trax – quite a pair!


Daddy and Trax, quite a pair!

Spent the day with Daddy.  It was great.  We went to Toys R Us and we walked up and down the aisles, looking at toys.  Eventually we picked out two puppets.  Before we went to the cash register, we stopped by the books.  I had mentioned I liked Mermaids and Daddy picked out a mermaid book.  Leaning up against him, he read me the story.  He is the BEST story reader.  I love sinking into a book with him, he makes me feel so little and safe.

Afterwards, I told Daddy I wanted lunch, so he took me to East Side Marios, we both like Italian Wedding Soup.  We talked a bit over lunch about how our relationship was growing and about how we fell into the Daddy/bg role, along with the D/s role we already had.  He is an experienced Dom but new to being a Daddy.

After lunch, we drove back to my vehicle.  We wanted to cuddle a bit, so we sat in the back seat of my tinted windowed SUV.  I love putting Daddy in my mouth and I did… right there in the parking lot.  Afterwards, we cuddled a bit more.  Then, we went into the mall and went straight to Build A Bear!  Neither of us had ever been in one, so it was a totally new experience for both of us.

Meet Trax…

November 8, 2012 – Build A Bear with Daddy

First you get to pick out your bear… which in this case… is actually a dog!  He is empty… so you need to bring him over to the stuffing machine.  Just before you do that, you can pick a sound box… they had a bunch you could pick from but I picked “giggle”.  The sales lady asks if you want him squishy, firm or between those two.  I wanted him between those two.  She asked if I wanted his giggle box in his hand or foot… I choose his hand.  She then put his side into a tube, I got to press the pedal and the stuffing gets pushed into the puppy!  Before the sales lady sews him up, they put a scan bar inside him, in case he ever gets lost… and someone brings him to a Build A Bear store, they can identify who he belongs to.  The sales lady gets you to pick out a stuffed heart, which she asks you to make a wish with and kiss before it gets put into the puppy.  (Sorry I can’t tell you the wish I made or it won’t come true!)  She then sews him up!  Now… he needs clothes!

Just like Daddy

Daddy and I looked all over the store for the best clothes to dress him in.  Finally we decided on the flannel shirt with hood and jeans.  Daddy says he has a shirt exactly like that and promised to wear it the next time we get together.  I wanted my puppy to have a shirt like Daddy, so that is the outfit I settled on.  The sales lady reminded us… he needed shoes!  I picked out a pair of bunny slippers… which I think makes him that much more adorable!  Then we went over to the computers and filled out the information for his birth certificate.  That was the hard part… picking a name!  Finally we decided on Trax… thinking we can always make it his middle name, in case we come up with an even better first name.  Happy with that, we entered it into the computer.  We went to the register, they showed us his birth certificate, put Trax in a cardboard house to carry him home in and that was it!  Trax got to come home with me!

By that time, Daddy needed to go.  We talked and kissed for a few minutes in my car and then he left.  I think Daddy had a wonderful day – I know I did!