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Cottage Update…

on November 22, 2012

Cottage Update

Thank you to those that kept their fingers crossed for me when they read Last Minute Scramble.

I am VERY happy to report that we ended up being able to get another cottage to rent, during that same time period and although it is almost three times the cost of the other place… it looks three times better!  It is waterfront, private beach, fire pit in front yard, huge flat screen TV, hardwood, beautiful kitchen, 2nd floor bedroom has a balcony with view of the lake, two person jacuzzi tub… the perks keep going on.  So, sometimes when things go “wrong” – they actually end up going better!

Here are a few pictures of the cottage we are going to next week:

Right on Lake Erie


Looking forward to chillin on that couch!




Hardwood floors…

I will be sure to remember to post our own candid shots during our cottage stay too!  Look for them in a week or two!





One response to “Cottage Update…

  1. Beautiful…enjoy! 🙂

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