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Four Hours With Daddy

Four Hours With Daddy

On Friday I got to spend four hours with Daddy.  When we met, the first thing we did was go to the pet store.  We went and looked at the cats first.  I asked Daddy which cat he would pick, if he could pick one… and he chose and then asked me the same.  It was fun to imagine which cat we would take home with us.  We then went over to the dogs and did the same thing.  We went and looked at birds, hamsters, mice, gerbils and fish.  It started getting me into a ‘little’ state of mind.  I love walking around the store, holding my Daddy’s hand.  Actually I usually don’t hold his whole hand… I usually hold two fingers!  I had put my hair in pigtails with these baby blue, polka dot fabric ribbons.  I love them.  I am getting quite a collection of hair thingies!

After the pet store… we had “show & tell”.  Daddy had brought some items to show me.  This was the first time we played show & tell together and I really liked it.  Daddy did too.  The first thing was a $10 million dollar bill and nope it wasn’t one of those fake store ones.  It was from Zimbabwe and it was actually a bill that was worth $10 million of their dollars.  The second thing he showed me was an amethyst core sample.  I had of course seen amethyst before but never an actual core sample.  When companies explore, they drill down and take a sample to see what and how much is there.  This was the result of one of their ‘tests’.  It was neat.  The third thing he showed me was an old Roman coin.  We imagined a Roman solider having it jingling around in his pocket… never knowing that far, far in the future… we would be sitting there in modern times, imagining him and his life.  The last thing he showed me was a piece of coral he had found in a riverbed.  It was so neat, him showing me each item, me holding them and asking questions about them.  It was fun.  We are going to play show & tell again when we see each other this week.

Then he read stories to me.  I cuddled up to him, had a pillow and blanket thrown over me… and he read.  I helped him turn the pages of the books.  I got lost in the stories, lost in feeling so little and so protected and safe.  My entire body feels different when I feel little.  It is so nice and calm and peaceful.

The day before we got together, I had asked if he would bring his knife and if we could play with it.  He remembered.  So after stories, he pulled out the knife… opened it…. let me hold and touch it… I love seeing the knife in Daddy’s hand.  I flipped my right arm over and asked him to make marks on my inner lower arm.  He dragged the knife blade deep across my skin.  Leaving behind a red, swollen mark.  I love the feel of it.  He did it again.  Another beautiful red mark left behind.  I love the pain of it.  I asked for him to do it again… but he didn’t want it on my lower arm… he wanted to do it somewhere it would be easier for me to hide.  So I pulled my shirt over and he began on my left shoulder-blade.  Again… dragging the knife, pushing it deeply into my skin…  Slowly…. dragging the blade….  He left curvy, almost S-shaped red, raised marks.  Again he did it.  Each time, allowing me to savour it, giving me time, to absorb the feeling of it, the beautiful pain of it.  I asked him… please Daddy, please don’t stop.  He did it again.  Another mark.  Again giving me time between to savour the feelings.  One more princess, he said…  Again… another curvy, red, raised mark left behind.  It put me into such a deep submissiveness that I would have gladly offered my body to him, to continue marking every inch of it.  The feeling was so erotic, so sensual, so beautifully painful and pleasurable… I just never wanted him to stop.  But he did.


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