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on December 27, 2012

Wow… lots I can identify with in this. Beautifully written.

The Words of My Life

Written by: Justin Lee Patton
August 29, 2009

lightsonFrom the safety of your chest and the warmth of your eyes
My fears fall off like clothing
As I dive into the false acceptance
Of your married arms.

Your lips penetrate my existence
And I know the consequences of my actions.
Safely scared. You tell me to let go!
So I lie there believing the muscular ripples of your lies.

Filling the vertical depth of my void
My curiosity is aroused.
And there under the musty sweetness of sex in the air
I wonder what she and I have in common?

Is it the way I suck your lip and hear you faintly moan?
Or the way I glide my hands across your harden body
And feel you squirm,
As you look down into the whiteness of my eyes?

porchlightOver and done. You turn the porch light off and walk backā€¦

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