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Mountain Climber Afraid To Come Back Down

on January 4, 2013

Mountain Climber – Afraid To Come Back Down

Quote from:  Casanova (Lost Wanderings)

I keep on climbing higher and higher up this cold icy mountain and I never seem to see the top of it, it seems to go on upwards forever, and I doomed to keep on climbing upwards forever. Leaving people further and further behind me.  Further and further from warmth and affection. The air gets thinner and thinner and harder to breathe. My hallucinations get worse. Every so often I find the shoes or clothes or picks of those who have gone this way before me and fallen. Not made it back down again and found their icy grave on this mountain. Sometimes I pass by their frozen bodies. And still I keep climbing? Why? Because it is there. What else is there to do? I tell myself you are only young once. You cannot climb when you are old so you must climb as high as you can while you are still young. No point spending a year or two going back down the mountain to the flat ground, only then to feel free to start climbing again. While I am as high as I am I might as well keep going: till I reach the what? The summit? The nirvana? I’ve come too far to turn back now. And the turning back is probably more difficult and dangerous and fraught with peril than the climbing upwards. No, so safer to keep going up. Keep going up, and keep diving deeper into darkness.

mountain climber



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