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Fat Pride

on January 10, 2013

Fat Pride


Fuck Diets

Image From:  The Nearsighted Owl

5 responses to “Fat Pride

  1. I love the post above. My mom is a heavier woman, and she is my favorite person in the world. I wish she would have found this inner peace with self as you have.

    This should be an empowerment greeting card.. 🙂

    • Oh – I am a work in progress when it comes to inner peace regarding my body but it is certainly something I am conscious of working towards.
      It’s funny you should mention the greeting card idea… this image was created by The Nearsighted Owl (link is in post, as well link is on image itself)… and she sells her images as greeting cards, posters etc!
      I saw this image and it really spoke to me. I am BBW. I really think that being overweight… is a type of discrimination that is often overlooked and not taken seriously enough with the damage that it does and causes.
      Thanks for being a supporter of heavier women… I can tell you it means a lot to many of us.

      • ******I AGREE WITH YOU in that, there is DISCRIMINATION around it. In how people think and what they do, because the narrative in this culture everyone is following like the piped piper is that attractive is always thin. Er…I beg to differ in women and men.

        Attractive is completely relative, then they jump to the healthy convo, which is also BS b/c lots of thin people get Cancer, heart disease, aids…

        And it bothers me so much that the only time you get to see a heavier woman in commercials (most of the time) is when she is on some ‘program,’ to lose weight. I don’t experience my mom or any other woman who is heavier as something ‘wrong.’ The whole thing annoys me, so that image was perfect. Going to check out the link!!

      • Agreed! I like the way you think!

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