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Bout of Books – Read-A-Thon Wrap Up Post

Bout of Books

Read-a-Thon Wrap Up Post

Bout of Books Read-a-Thon

MY GOALS  (red=not completed, yellow=partially completed, green=completed!):

  • Finish reading: Far from the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy (currently on page 86 of 458 pages).
  • Read: Watch Mommy Die by Michael Benson.
  • Read Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins.
  • Listen to one audio book (start to finish).
  • Write a Review of at least ONE of the books and post the review on my blog.
  • Participate in at least ONE challenge/giveaway.
  • Comment on at least THREE Bout of Books participants blogs during the challenge.
  • Start following at least ONE new blog that is a Bout of Books participant.

This is how my Read-A-Thon Week Went:


What I’ve read today: Watch Mommy Die (read pages 1 – 99)

Total goals completed: 0 of 8

Comments: I’ve been checking out a lot of blogs and finding more reading challenges as I go! It’s eaten up quite a bit of time today – time that I could have spent reading or working towards my challenge goals BUT… it sure is fun to check a bunch of new blogs out and join (or consider joining) other reading challenges as well! No real regrets!



What I’ve read today: Listened to about 2.5 hours of the audiobook ‘The Diary’. Read more of Watch Mommy Die (pages 100-150).

Total goals completed: 0 of 8

Comments: Not alot of internet time today to go blog searching 😦



What I’ve read today: Listened to 30 minutes of the audiobook ‘The Diary’ (total of 3 of 5 hours).

Other Goals worked on: Participated in The Page 48 Challenge, hosted by Booking in Heels.

Total goals completed: 1 of 8

Comments: Falling behind…. eek! Did I bite off more than I could chew?



What I’ve read today: American Psycho (which is NOT on my goal list)

Goals I have completed: I have started following a blog that is a participant in this challenge AND I have commented on a participants blog (goal is 3… so 1 of 3 completed).

Other Related Activities: Participated in Book Spine Poetry challenge, hosted by Escape Through The Pages. First time I have ever written a Book Spine Poem – lots of fun!

Total goals completed: 2 of 8

Comments: Falling further behind. Reading books that aren’t on my goal list, likely isn’t helping me!


What I’ve read today: About 100 pages of American Psycho (which is NOT a book on my goal list).

Other related activities: Entered the Rewrite The Synopsis Challenge using Far From The Madding Crowd.

Total goals completed: 2 of 8

Comments: Still reading a book that isn’t on my goal list!


What I’ve read today:  150 more pages of American Psycho (which is NOT on my goal list)

Goals I have completed:  Commented on two more Read-A-Thon participants blogs.

Total goals completed:  3 of 8

Comments:  Still reading a book that isn’t on my goal list!


What I’ve read today:  160 pages of Watch Mommy Die (pages 150-310)

Total goals completed:  Still 3 of 8

Comments:  It’s been a busy week!



This has been my very first blog reading challenge.  AWESOME!  I think I am addicted.  Although I didn’t do super great at completing all my goals… I did have alot of fun participating AND I did learn about making more realistic type goals for future challenges.  Something I really enjoyed about this challenge… were the mini-challenges that I particpated in.  Those were fantastic!  Thanks for all those that hosted!  It was super great!

I have decided that I will only do reading challenges from now on… on my OTHER BLOG:  Rabid Bookworm   I have already signed up for a few more challenges there.  So… if you want to read more about my reading and the challenges I join…. please… Follow Me there too! 

Total Number of Goals Created:  8

Goals Fully Completed:  3

Goals Partially Completed:  2

Goals Not Completed:  3



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