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Versatile Blogger Award!

on January 16, 2013
Awarded to me by writingthebody!

Awarded to me by writingthebody!

WOW and thank you!   writingthebody has nominated me for this award!  I am honoured to accept!

Versatile Blogger Rules  (If you choose to obey them)

  • Display the Award Certificate on your website
  • Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award
  • Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers
  • Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post
  • Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

Seven Interesting Things About Myself

  1. I was married for seven years.
  2. I have lived in two provinces.  (Ontario and Alberta)
  3. Although always attracted and drawn to the world of BDSM… it has only been within the last year that I have seriously and intensely started to explore it.
  4. My Daddy Dom is 7 years older than me.
  5. I have been seeing my Daddy Dom for approx. 6 months.
  6. My Daddy Dom and I, live two hours away from one another.
  7. I am an introvert and learning to be proud of it!


The Award Goes To…

I wish there were more blogs I could nominate for this award.

EVERY single blog I follow… I do for at least one of these reasons (often ALL three of these reasons…)

  1. I admire your writing
  2. I can identify with you and what you are writing about.
  3. I learn from your blog.

So… while I would like to nominate every single blog I follow, these are the blogs I have nominated, in no particular order… (if you don’t follow them already… they are worth checking out):

  1. clotildajamcracker
  2. Submissive Musings
  3. livingintherabbithole
  4. The Double Life
  5. sexandtheshameless
  7. Pretty Primal
  8. MariMar
  9. The Narcissist’s Blog
  10. To Be Aware
  11. A Faded Romantic’s Notebook
  12. Switch Bitch
  13. WunderNutbar
  14. The Bedroom Submissive
  15. All that I am, all that I ever was

Thank You to each blog writer I follow AND to each and every reader who reads Growing Up Little!


14 responses to “Versatile Blogger Award!

  1. Thank-you so much Growing Up!!! I accept sweetie, and I LOVE YOUR BLOG TOO – but who beat me to the punch?!? In nominating you?? Lolol. Thanks again!! xoxo

    • Awww… you are very welcome! Glad you accepted… I love reading your stuff!

      • Wow. *************Thank-you so much**, I know it does something for me to write, but sometimes I’m concerned about the reactions things will get when people go through my blog, since it’s public (tho I’m anonymous). So, that’s really good to hear. Yeah, doing selections now, didn’t nom you b/c you already have it, but I am sure there will be another amazing award for you in there. :))) Cuz I ENJOY yours too!! :)))

        (And of course I accepted, it was such a beautiful gesture!!)

      • Yep – I hear what you’re saying about having a public blog, even though you are still anonymous… It DOES take a bit of bravery to write a blog that is as personal as ours are but that’s the beauty of it too!

  2. Oh, Thank you! I’m honored and will try to get this Back out in a timely manor. I guess my biggest thing is honesty.. I write or tell things as they happen… I feel like I’m flying when I’m writing my blog… Like I’ve been freed from so e cage… I’m out.. Kinda… And I’m going wild… Lol! Thank You Again!


  3. writingthebody says:

    Great to read all these comments…thanks for your blog!

  4. tressalee says:

    I dont k now what these are daddy dom and BDSM what do these mean….just wondering ??

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