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Every Cloud

on January 22, 2013

Every Cloud




I bought this when Daddy and I went to the cottage together.  I finally hung it up on my wall today.  I originally purchased it to remind me… that when I am looking at the cons and focusing on them, I need to remind myself of the flip side… I need to remind myself of the pros.

There is always something good in the bad and something bad in the good.

I want it all.  Most do.  But sometimes in the scrambling to gather it all… you lose what you were already holding.

Accept what is.

Appreciate what is.

I am responsible for my own happiness.

I am learning as I grow.





6 responses to “Every Cloud

  1. Always to remember that…you are responisble for your own happiness. -Luke

  2. littlekaninchen says:

    Give yourself a hug… Luv yourself.. Respect yourself… Best Wishes! 🐇🐇

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