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Playing with Candles

on February 5, 2013

Playing with Candles


He had me lay down on my stomach across the bed and told me to keep my eyes closed.  I could hear him at the bottom of the bed… coming around the side.  He started talking about our previous discussion which we had a week or two ago about ‘safe’ BDSM candles.  I had told him I was interested in experimenting with wax but that I had heard that there was a wide variety in types of candles, some burning much hotter than others and that they sold ‘safe’ candles specifically for using on skin.

I jump at the sound of a lighter being struck.  His voice… so strong and loud, my eyes closed as instructed…  “You know I keep you safe.  I would never put you in harm’s way.  This candle isn’t one of those low heat candles that you told me about.  But baby trusts I would never do anything unsafe, right?”  I nod my head and whisper… “Yes Daddy”.

He moves the fabric away from my back.  Several moments pass.  I hear nothing.  My eyes still closed.  I cry out as the wax drips on to my back.  The intensity of the pain is beautiful, within seconds it dissipates.  “Oh, I like how you squirm…”

Again the melted wax drips onto my back… this time as I squirm in a useless attempt to escape the pain, the wax still hot, runs and the pain runs along with it.  Longer lasting this time.  I am falling so deeply into that zone… that deeply submissive state… when I want him to hurt me.

Hurt me more…. hurt me harder…  He creates my craving.

By the third time he drips the wax onto my back – I would gladly do anything for him.  Absolutely anything at all.  Please let me.





13 responses to “Playing with Candles

  1. Did you come back with all your parts singed? Sounds like it was a fabulous hot!!! Time that you had… Wanting more info about the scene! Hope it was a great as you were hoping! Hugs! 🐇🐇🐇

  2. It is funny, I do not like wax play – I prefer to be struck. I have had it though – a domme gave it to me after she whipped my back, and I must say it stung like hell…and as usual, even though I did not like it, I just let her do it….as I do.

  3. So selfish aren’t I? My comment was triggered by what you wrote about yourself, and then the comment above aboutr being singed…I have not been singed by wax – it is molten but not burning. I do love being burned with a cigarette- but it is years since I have asked for that (who smokes nowadays?) – I always ask to be burnt on my wrist, my left wrist.

    So not singed. I love the pix of candles. Such a hot post…no pun really intended!

    • Thank you – I found that pic on the internet!
      I have never been burned by a cigarette. I’m not sure I would want to try that, unless I was in a very certain type of mood. But even then… I don’t think Daddy would be willing to do it.
      I am very eager to play with candles again though!

  4. JK says:

    “I would gladly do anything for him. Absolutely anything at all. Please let me.”


  5. littlekaninchen says:

    How are you doing? Haven’t heard much from you… Lately… ❤🐇

  6. chameleon soul. says:

    Absolutely loved this. I felt like I was there, too, feeling the wax on my back.
    Think I’m going to encourage my potential Sir to do this. He does want to know how much ‘trouble’ I can take.

    PS: “I would gladly do anything for him. Absolutely anything at all. Please let me.” – ADORE.

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