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Deeper in Love

on February 11, 2013


These last few days have been difficult for me.  I have been having some serious issues with my soon-to-be 18 year old daughter.  She has left home.  I am hurt, confused and worried.  I don’t want this post to be about that issue though.  This blog is primarily about my BDSM relationship, so I will attempt to keep it focused on that.



I have been concerned about the fact that because of circumstances… Daddy won’t always be able to be there for me… like a ‘normal’ boyfriend might be.  Well – this incident with my daughter, has shown me that he can and he wants to support me emotionally with things I am struggling with.  In the last couple of weeks, he has really shown an interest in becoming MORE in my life.  I am ready for that.  I want him to be.

I will write more about this later… for now, I need to head to bed.

Night all!


10 responses to “Deeper in Love

  1. Wishing you well… Hope it’s working out… 🐇🐇🐇🐇
    Dud you get to play over the weekend?

    • Thank you! Yes – it is working out quite well!
      Nope – didn’t play over the weekend – didn’t see him at all.
      BUT… I will be spending all this Friday with him again.
      I can’t wait!

      • Hope the stuff with your daughter is getting better! My daughter totaled her car Fruday after school! Ahhhhh! She is fine..
        Have a great weekend with your Dom!

      • Oh – thank God she is okay!
        I always have that nagging worry in the back of my head when my daughter is out driving around! Knock on wood…. she has never been in an accident!
        Things are still tense between my daughter and I but they have been slowly improving, instead of getting worse… which is progress I guess!
        Thanks for commenting!

      • littlekaninchen says:

        I think you really can’t do Anything right with a teen. Eventually, they run out of money and have to be nice t us! Lol! 🐇

        Sent from my iPad

      • Yep – thats the annoying thing!
        She can seem to control her moods when she WANTS something!

      • Mine is 16… Yours?
        My one friend has older daughter 19 and dud they turn around once your not supporting them full time. They will appreciate everything once you don’t pay for their every whim!

      • Mine is turning 18 tomorrow! So… technically, she’s an adult! Yippee!
        Yes – I think you are SO right… they don’t appreciate things, until they aren’t getting them anymore.
        I was a brat as a teenager… didn’t appreciate what I put my mother through.
        Hopefully, mine will grow up… and eventually she will realize the same thing.
        Let’s hope!

      • littlekaninchen says:

        We all did that! 🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇

        Sent from my iPad

      • Make sure you put up tatoo story… LK

        Sent from my iPad

        Begin forwarded message:

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