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on February 22, 2013

Had to reblog this… I adore the picture (and of course the commentary!).
Thank you goes to The Bedroom Submissive!

The Bedroom Submissive


I look at this couple and see a real D/s couple. What makes me think this? They may have posed for this but he’s a real Dominate.

The way he’s holding her up… Not posing his hands. The way he’s looking into her eyes. He is demanding her full attention. He’s telling her to put her arm up to block her face. He’s holding her full weight. Then he is fully clothed. Most Doms stay fully clothed during play…

Looks like the real deal to me…
What’s your thoughts?

Sexy Couple….


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6 responses to “

  1. littlekaninchen says:

    ❤I’m honored! Sending you a hug! 🐇

  2. hotlilmess says:

    Thank you for sharing this. Beautiful, gave me chills.

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