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An extended visit with Daddy

on February 26, 2013

I am so excited.  I will be spending TWO whole days with Daddy this week.  Usually it’s only one!  I have decided to leave a day earlier, just because there is snow due and I’m worried about getting caught up in the mess of it.  So I’m going in a day early… that way I will be stress free, no chance of the roads closing and messing up our plans!  We will get to spend all Wednesday together and then all of Friday too!

On Thursday, I will shop and entertain myself for the day.  Which will be fun too!

For Daddy, of course

For Daddy, of course


Getting away from the current pressures I have at home… will be a nice, revitalizing break as well.  Time for me.  It’s okay – I deserve it.

I plan to bring all my colouring books and doodle pads and crayons, markers, pencil crayons with me.  Might get to do some with Daddy and some when Daddy isn’t around to play too.  This one… I haven’t given to him yet but plan too!  I hope he will like it.  I like the rainbow in it.  I love rainbows and I love unicorns too.  I wish there were a nice way to make white show up in crayons on paper…but it never looks right unfortunately!  So a pink unicorn it is!

Then there is this velvet marker picture…


Another picture for Daddy.  These velvet pictures are fun and super easy to do.  Colouring takes me and makes me Little.  That glorious place of innocence and vulnerability.  The world goes away and it all becomes about what the best colour choices are.  It’s a wonderful, very zen feeling.

I will be seeing Daddy very soon and I am so desperately looking forward to being little for long stretches of time.  Being under his safe watch… being able to go further on that tether of reality… get lost for longer, for deeper…  One day… might that tether snap?  I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be the worst thing to ever happen to someone.  What do you guys think?

Reality…. the value of it.  What is it’s worth?  Any ideas?




6 responses to “An extended visit with Daddy

  1. I want it to be everything you want it to be!
    I think you should go with an open mind.
    No need to put any expectations on it. I do that sometimes and it can mess up your visit.
    Just talking from experience. Go into it with a smile and open mind.. Then write us all about it! Lol!
    Have fun!

  2. hotlilmess says:

    Put yourself in your Daddy’s hands. Let your defenses down,let your mind be free. He has you lil one. Trust yourself and trust Him. Most of all, have fun~you deserve this special time. Oh, and i can not wait to see the wonderful happy pictures you will be coloring, full of rainbows and glitter i am sure !! Drive safe. ❤

    • Thank you! That is sweet. I can’t wait to escape into myself for a little while with him. Trust. I do trust him. Sexually, I have never, ever trusted anyone as much as I have him. That includes the husband I was married to for seven years. They don’t even come close. Sad to think how we sell ourselves short. So often. So much. So sad.
      Thanks for the advice.

  3. alittlefaraway says:

    We have only just come across your blog via your comment on ours, and I would like to say that it is nice to see another little who enjoys colouring in as much as mine does.

    • Thank you! I haven’t coloured in a few days… reminds me that I should be doing those things I enjoy. I really like your blog! It’s nice to see how other Daddy Doms and Littles make things work. I seem to always learn so much from reading others that have been ‘there’ before me and ‘get it’. Thanks for visiting my blog! I plan to keep reading yours!

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