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How To Successfully Date A Married Man

on March 8, 2013

Book Review


How To Successfully Date A Married Man

By Gloria Bonds

My Rating:  3 stars ***

First of all – the title is pretty misleading.  The author, Gloria Bonds is very one-sided and closed-minded with her opinion regarding the morality of dating a married man… AND it is not the side you would assume it to be from the title. 

This book would be fantastic for someone who wants to reinforce their reasons for staying away from married men… or for a woman who has recently left a married man (after having had an affair with him) and is looking to bolster her decision for having done so. 

It seems to me that the author likes to paint everyone – married men, the ‘other woman’ and wives – all with the same brush.  She leaves little acknowledgment for the fact that situations CAN be different and not ALL people are the same.

My Rating System:

0 Stars: Did not finish, was not able to keep my interest enough to bother to continue.

*  1 Star: I didn’t like this book — felt more like homework than reading for pleasure.

**  2 Stars: This book needed something different to make me like it.

***  3 Stars: This book was good. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad. I would recommend based on certain tastes.

****  4 Stars: This book was delightful. I’m glad I read it.

*****  5 Stars: I really enjoyed this book. I will probably read it again.

*****+   5+ Stars: A new favorite.

5 responses to “How To Successfully Date A Married Man

  1. Dating a married man gets such bad press.

    • It certainly can and there are so many sterotypes (some deserved I admit).
      Not everyone is the same.
      Not every relationship is the same (thank god).
      The dynamic between two people – well actually three people – that variety is endless.
      It isn’t fair for someone to try to stamp all of that with one label.
      Way too many variables.
      A huge lack of empathy for any other viewpoint by the author in my opinion…
      Have you read the book?

  2. You are correct the author did have an affair with a married man. She even wanted this married man to leave his wife who was a stay home mom and a mother of 3 young boys. She even allowed the married man to sleep over her home while her own daughter and grandson was home. I know because I was the wife!

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