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on March 14, 2013

‘Family’ Pictures….


Trax on the run...

Trax on the run…


Fisher... being cool...

Fisher… being cool…


Slippers I wear when I am with Daddy.

Slippers I wear when I am with Daddy.


Trax trying to talk me out of bedtime.

Trax trying to talk me out of bedtime.


Seeing Daddy on Friday.  We plan to spend the day together.  He said we’ll go to Build A Bear!  I am hoping to get Trax a new outfit and maybe his very own passport!  Daddy mentioned wearing my pigtails and to bring my hair thingies with me, so he could help pick out which ones to wear (he usually does this… I really like it).  I’m a little apprehensive about being in public with pigtails, (usually I only wear them when I’m with Daddy inside) especially if I am also carrying Trax around with me too.  A part of me thinks to myself – why the hell should I care what anybody else thinks or might think?  I need to learn to be comfortable with my own stuff, I need to be comfortable with me.  I’m learning, pushing and growing.  It’s a process and Daddy helps along the way.




6 responses to “Pictures

  1. Do what you feel is right for you and your Sir… Maybe just wear them on your wrists… Like cuffs… ? Have fun… Try not to get a spanking… Well .. Go ahead there soo much fun.. Lol! Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Thanks – yes you’re right… I should do what feels right for both myself and him… at the same time I want to push my internal boundaries too (although not too far that it freaks me out more or it turns into a bad experience).
      I always feel very safe and comfortable with Daddy – so I am sure it will be fine.
      It’s my pre-thinking that is usually the most anxiety inducing! LOL
      One more sleep and I see my Daddy! (yippee!)
      Thanks for commenting!

    • Yes – we always have LOTS of fun!

  2. Lilly Wilson says:

    Aww I love your moose plushie! (:

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