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Daddy Coming in 10 Hours!

on March 19, 2013

Daddy Coming in 10 Hours!

We are celebrating his birthday!  So I have decorated!  Even got him some helium balloons!



I bought a nice round carrot cake (his favourite) and those big individual candle numbers for him to blow out and make a wish!

I also put up a Pin The Tail on the Donkey – I don’t think we have any use for the blindfold that came with that game!  We have a MUCH better one we can use!

Wonder What The Winner Will Get!

Wonder what the winner will get?

Even Trax got a new dress shirt for the occasion!

Trax ready to party!

So now… all I need is Daddy!

Just Daddy is Missing!



4 responses to “Daddy Coming in 10 Hours!

  1. littlekaninchen says:

    You could play pin the tail on you… Lol! Have a wonderful time… Sit on his cake and he can have his cake and eat “it” too! Lol! Tell him my Sir and I say happy bday!

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