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We All Love The Chase… But Once We’re Caught We Feel Encased

Lyrics to Needle In The Dark by Passenger

With progress comes problems

With wisdom comes age

With lessons come learning

And pleasure comes with pain


You can only have the sunshine after the rain

I took a walk

It got me thinking

Left foot, right foot

Smiling, blinking

Breathe out, breathe in

Somehow linking


My soul to my mind and my heart to my mouth

Lost and the found and the north to the south

And the corners to the circle in my mind


We may find that the gate has been locked

When we come back down to what we really are

Retrace the footprints off the path that is lost

It’s like trying to find a needle in the dark


My hands they are empty

But they are clean

I’m poor but I’m healthy

I’m halfway between

The gutter and the skyline


So I took a walk to the land’s end

Thinking ‘bout an ex-girlfriend that I had

And the pages that I’ve turned

And it seems to me

That we all love the chase

But once we’re caught we feel encased

Behind bars of love and trust

Uprooted by drunken lust

By people, people just like us

People, people just like us


You may find that the gate has been locked

When we come back down to what we really are

Retrace the footprints off the path that’s been lost

It’s like trying to find a needle in the dark


So I took a walk to the station

Lost in my imagination

Having private conversations with myself

And I’m just stumbling ‘round

And I wait for the sound

Of this crumbling town to come tumbling down

People say I’m just bummin’ around

But I’ve had both my ears to the ground


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The ‘Other Woman’… always the evil one?

I was browsing blogs the other day and stumbled upon a blog that belongs to a woman whose husband had an affair.  In one of her posts… the ‘other woman’ was described in a negative light.  Which got me thinking…  (disclaimer!  the thoughts below are MY thoughts that I had after reading her post, I am in no way attributing the words below as being hers…)

  • Is it truly fair that people tend to lump the ‘other woman’ into one category?
  • Is it fair to assume that the ‘other woman’ MUST be a husband stealing, awful, lying bitch?
  • Is it fair to think that once a woman becomes the ‘other woman’… she can never again be truly trusted?
  • Is it true that a woman is more responsible for having an affair than a man is (even if she is the one who is single, she is the one who didn’t betray vows made etc…) – simply because she is a woman and doesn’t tend to be led by sexual urges?
  • Do people tend to blame the ‘other woman’, more than the man?  If so, why?
  • Are there any circumstances where being the ‘other woman’ can actually improve someone else’s marriage, even though the wife may be unaware of the true reason why?
  • If a single friend of yours… revealed to you that she was having an affair with a married man – would that change your opinion of her in a negative way?

Curious minds… want to know!!!


10 Day Challenge – Day Four

Day Four

Seven things that cross your mind a lot.

  1. My daughter, her future, her health, her happiness and her well-being.
  2. Daddy.  Always thinking about Daddy.
  3. Work.  Anxiety around it.
  4. Health.
  5. Humanity.  Good and evil within it.
  6. Karma.  Everything happens for a reason.
  7. How long do I have left to live?  Am I using that time wisely?



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