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10 Day Challenge – Day Five

on March 23, 2013

Day Five

Six things you wish you’d never done.

Okay… this is a hard one.  First of all, I believe everything happens for a reason.  So… it is hard to ‘wish’ that something I did, didn’t happen because I don’t know how that would ultimately affect the rest of my life and if that result would actually be a better thing or not.  With that said… the six things listed below are things that I would classify as ‘negative or conflicting things I have done’ that have caused me to wonder how things might have turned out, if I hadn’t done them.

  1. Married my ex-husband.
  2. Been promiscuous as a teenager.
  3. Terminated a pregnancy when I was 17.
  4. Become addicted to prescription medications.
  5. Continued to communicate with my ex-husband for as long as I did.
  6.  Not gone ahead with a restraining order against my ex-husband.



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7 responses to “10 Day Challenge – Day Five

  1. lindaghill says:

    I agree, that would be a tough question to answer. I guess it would depend on how content you are in the present moment and what caused your discontentment.

  2. Yeah… I hate to say I wish something DIDN’T happen… cause I really believe things happen for a reason.
    Are you going to do the 10 day challenge?

    • lindaghill says:

      Is it something that can be started any time? If so, maybe… I’m afraid I’m already shirking a few commitments at the moment 😛

      • You can start the 10 day challenge at ANY time. You can also choose just to do one day and post that, if you wish!
        Pick and choose your favourites! It’s totally up to you!
        Hope to see you pick a post or two to do yourself!
        If you do, leave a link in the comments section, so I can check it out!

  3. lindaghill says:

    I shall, thank you 🙂

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