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Crow Week – Day SEVEN

on April 21, 2013

Welcome to Crow Week – Day Seven!

Crow Week Day 7

Ned, this morning a crow from the south came…
…and what did he say?
…caw! caw! caw! caw! caw!
caw! caw! caw! caw! caw!
caw! caw! caw!


Baby Crow

Baby Crow


Crow week


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4 responses to “Crow Week – Day SEVEN

  1. Found a cool crow pic.. Damn .. It won’t let me out it on here… I tried… Hey maybe next week you can do cock week? Lol! Hugs! ❤🐇

  2. Cock week? VERY interesting! I think that might be a lot of fun to do as a theme!
    Will keep that in mind for sure! LOL.
    Hope you enjoy my upcoming and already planned out penguin week though!

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