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Reconnected but confused

on April 22, 2013

Reconnected… for now

The last time I blogged about my relationship, (Click to view post) I was feeling very disconnected from my Dom.  I was due to see him the next day and was feeling a lot of anxiety around how I was feeling.

Well, in he walked… coffees in hand and the ‘toy bag’ in the other.  I felt shy and disconnected from him.  I think what we SHOULD have done – was sat down and discussed that before proceeding with anything else but that’s not what happened.

Soon enough… I was starting to reconnect with him but I don’t think, even by the end of the day, that I felt like I was fully re-engaged with him.  I loved spending time with him… I always do but when I left that day… I was feeling sad, hurt, lost and shaky.  I know that I really need to explore my feelings about this, something I am not great at.

I am getting together with him again this Friday.  We will be spending the day together, as we usually do.  I think that he has recognized that there is an issue though.  He suggested a few dates of possible times to get together and it is noticeably more often than it usually is.

I know his intentions are good but I wonder if he truly has the time needed to be the Daddy Dom, I want and need him to be.  I guess, time will tell.




6 responses to “Reconnected but confused

  1. MaríMar says:

    Sigh.. yes time will tell… Good luck.

  2. hotlilmess says:

    i think you are being a “big girl” about all of this. keeping fingers crossed things go the way your heart takes you.

  3. Communicate… Talk… Be very honest and ask him to be as well. I think if that all happens then you will be on your way to bring reconnected and stringer in your D/s then you’ve ever been… Hugs & strength… LK❤🐇

    • Yes – I believe in the communication importance 100 percent… I keep thinking that I have to sort my feelings out before talking to him… but realize… I can also talk to him about the confusion I am feeling. Let him know how confused I am. I don’t need to be clear within myself BEFORE talking to him.
      Thanks for the advice… it’s helped me realize the above.

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