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Death by Prescription

on April 25, 2013

Death By Prescription

Drug Deaths... Chart taken from Gizmodo

Drug Deaths… Chart found on Gizmodo


The chart above was created by Popular Science, using data complied from the Center for Disease Control’s database.  Taking a look at the chart, it is quickly obvious that deaths related to drug overdose from Pharmaceuticals (darkest green indicating Undetermined intent, medium green indicating Intentional self-harm and light green from Unintentional self-harm).  Not only are the majority of drug overdoses caused by Pharmaceuticals but they are being caused UNINTENTIONALLY!  It is scary.

I take medication – several medications and some of those medications are quite powerful.  I combine them and admittedly I do sometimes take more than what is prescribed to me.  I also take over-the-counter medications quite regularly, putting even more drugs into the mix.

I normally don’t put a lot of thought into the fact that I could literally DIE accidentally from what I am doing.  Look at all the people in the chart above that did that exact same thingBut it won’t happen to me and it won’t happen to you either because obviously they were doing something really wrong and taking or combining way more than you or I ever would – right?



Drug Week



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