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Premier Kathleen Wynne: Don’t Kill ODSP to Save It

on April 27, 2013

Worth repeating for sure.

WunderNutbar's Blog by Richard-Yves Sitoski

ODSP – the Ontario Disability Support Program – is set to be transformed. Premier Kathleen Wynne (contact her here) intends to impose austerity measures and wreck the structure of the program. If she has her way, the Province will quit providing ODSP and OW supports, dropping this responsibility on the municipalities. That alone is rather idiotic, but what concerns us mostly is the impact on support recipients. This is what is on the books:


A) ODSP and OW are to be rolled into one program, resulting in:


1) A net increase in the base monthly rate for OW recipients, but a net drop for ODSP recipients. I’ve heard many figures and timelines being bandied about, but to my knowledge there is no official word on a proposed schedule or dollar amount for the new base rate. All we know is that it will be lower than the…

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