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Daddy Dom and I ‘talk’

on April 28, 2013

Daddy and I spent the day together yesterday and it was wonderful and blissful and orgasmic…

During our time together, he mentioned that perhaps our next day together might be this Wednesday or Saturday… which is sooner than I would normally see him.  Lately, almost like clock work, we end up seeing one another every two weeks.

So.. we messaged back and forth tonight and he starts writing about our next day together… I’m immediately thinking he is going to say this Wednesday or Saturday… he doesn’t… he says a date two weeks down the road…  I am immediately disappointed and hurt.  Maybe I shouldn’t be… and maybe I over-react but… I decided that I was going to bring it up and discuss it with him.

So… I won’t bore you with the details… but by the end he agreed not to bring up any ‘dates’ that he wasn’t certain about and acknowledged the ‘two week’ routine, as being part of him being able to ‘cover his tracks’, so to speak.  He also said that there would be times we would see one another MORE often than that and that he planned to spend lots of time together doing stuff this summer.

By the end of it… I was pacified… still hurting a bit but… pacified.

I struggle with it sometimes.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to work things out, in my own head and with him, so that we can make things work for us.  I’m learning as I go.  And irregardless of what the end game ends up being – there is at least that.


8 responses to “Daddy Dom and I ‘talk’

  1. This may be to private to ask and answer on blog…. So you can write your answer back to me on my email
    Is he married? I’m confused by covering his tracks… ❤🐇

  2. peachie says:

    Sweetie! You are a special strong little girl. My Daddy and I are married. Have been for nearly 19 years. There were times where we have gone anywhere from a week to a year without seeing each other. It takes work and strength. Now that we are together all the time, I still have trouble believing it’s real. Hang in there! Xoxo.

    • Thanks so much! I really appreciate that.
      I am happy to hear that you and your Daddy are together.
      Thanks for commenting – I love hearing from others that are in similar situations.

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