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Jodi Arias – What a C*nt!

on April 28, 2013

Okay – it takes a lot for me to use the ‘C’ word… and technically I’m not using it because of that little * but…  Jodi Arias – What a Cunt!

Oops… forgot to use the star *!  My bad!

She 'looks' so fucking normal!

She ‘looks’ so fucking normal!

I have been following the Jodi Arias trial… I have a DVR… so I can actually not miss any testimony and I admit… I have missed very little of it.  At first I watched the ‘Nancy Grace’ and ‘Jane Velez-Mitchell’ type shows but I gave those up after a while.  For two reasons… one I couldn’t keep up (I swear I DO have a life!)  AND I was finding that the information they were sometimes ‘reporting’ wasn’t exactly accurate and that bothered me.  I didn’t want the wrong info… I wanted it as first hand as possible.

Tonight, I went on an internet site that had a copy of court documents that Jodi’s lawyers filed back in 2011 (way before the trial).  This document shows that Jodi wanted to plead guilty to second degree murder and when the State ignored her offer… Jodi then mailed the State a letter, reminding the State of all the collateral damage that would be caused if this case went to trial.  She claimed marriages would be affected because of Travis Alexander’s relations with other women, standings in the religious communities would be affected, personal friendships would be affected and most of all the very poignant and cherished memories of Mr. Alexander would be tarnished.

Travis as a little boy.

Travis as a little boy.

I am SO pleased to learn that the State wrote her BACK a letter and advised HER that resolving this case via a plea to second degree murder was not possible and they didn’t come back with ANY proposals or counter-offers at all.  Looks like that was a big FUCK YOU to Jodi!!!  

They were going for first degree and they were going for the death penalty.

Wonder if she'll be so smug at the end of the trial?

Wonder if she’ll be so smug at the end of the trial?

It really became clear to me… reading that court document, that Jodi was holding his family hostage, after she brutally murdered their brother.  She was threatening to tarnish Travis Alexander publicly (even to the point of claiming he was a pedophile, of which there is not a single shred of evidence) and others surrounding him as well.  Now… I’m NOT saying that Travis Alexander was a Saint in all this… he wasn’t.  Did he treat Jodi like a whore?  Yes.  Did he use her for sex?  Yes.  Did he realize he was dealing with a person who wasn’t playing with a full deck of cards but continued to play with her anyway?  I think so.  But did he deserve to be slaughtered by Jodi for it?  Did he deserve Jodi planning and manipulating before, during and after his savage murder?  Absolutely not.

The family of Travis Alexander… those two sisters, the brother, the brother-in-law, they all deserve MEDALS.  I can NOT even imagine the emotional torment and stress that not only his death by murder caused them but all the emotional harm they have suffered from Jodi Arias AFTER she killed him.  It is beyond disgusting.  Talk about having no remorse.  I don’t know if I would have enough strength to sit in that courtroom and listen to what they have had to… day after day after day.

Alexander Family in court

There is a site… I will post a link… that people can donate money to the family of Travis Alexander.  They have travelled from their own homes, staying in hotels, not been able to work during this entire process.  They are obviously having an intense amount of financial strain.  It should also be noted, that it was NOT the family that requested this fund be set up.  It was someone who knew the financial hardships they are occurring and knew that people would gladly donate money to help this family out.  (Travis Alexander Legacy Fund)

While his family suffers yet again… Jodi sits there with her paid for by the tax payers defense lawyers (note the multiple on the word lawyer) and is housed and fed, all courtesy of the State.  This while Jodi sells her ‘artwork’ for thousands of dollars.  I wonder if she realizes (or even cares) that the people who are buying her artwork… are buying it hoping the value of their ‘investment’ will go up when they DO eventually convict her and put her to death.

I have donated to the Travis Alexander Legacy Fund because I have watched this trial and I have seen the siblings of Travis Alexander and how THEY have suffered… how they have listened to Jodi Arias ‘explain’ for her 18 days on the witness stand, how she was ‘abused’ by Travis and her story of self-defense (with the 9 stab wounds in his BACK, a total of 29 total stab wounds, a slashed throat and a gun shot to the head).  She only remembers the gunshot wound though… cause ‘the fog rolled in’ after that.  She can’t remember stabbing him… or any of that.

From Support Travis Alexander's Family Facebook page.

From Support Travis Alexander’s Family Facebook page.

The medical examiner has testified that there was no medical science he knew of that Travis could have suffered that gunshot wound to the head FIRST, like Jodi claims.  He would have been incapacitated.  Jodi claims that the gunshot wound ‘made him mad’ and he said ‘Fucking going to kill you BITCH’ and that’s when the memories stopped for Jodi.  This of course, gave her the “out” of having to explain ALL the other injuries that happened and HOW they happened.  Where was the knife?  Must have been pretty damn handy… cause Travis went from standing up in the shower looking pretty damn fine to bleeding and in all likelihood dead – all within 62 seconds, as the photos show.

So… after seeing that court document, I felt I had to rant about the whole thing.

Please consider donating to the Travis Alexander Legacy Fund and reblogging this to spread the word.

Wishing peace to the family and friends of Travis Alexander.



5 responses to “Jodi Arias – What a C*nt!

  1. LindaGHill says:

    Wow. This is actually the first I’ve heard about this case… So terrible.
    Excellent rant. And you’re right, she is a cunt.

  2. LOL – yep and I very rarely use that word ever! But it certainly applies to this one!
    The case is truly fascinating… from a psychological and criminal and legal point of view.
    I might post more about the case…. closing arguments are coming up this Thursday and Friday and then it will be jury verdict watch time!
    Will be holding my breath when that one is being read I’m sure!

  3. Lisa says:

    Was wondering about the younger looking girl sitting with Steven, Tanisha, and Samantha. Is she also one of his sisters?

    • In the picture that I have up?
      There are only 3 in the front row…
      There has been another sister that comes to court sometimes though.
      I am unsure what her name is though.
      I am guessing you have been following the trial?
      You must be very pleased with today’s verdict! (Me too)

      • Lisa says:

        Absolutely!! I didn’t start watching the trial until she ( the psycho) took the stand. I feel so sad for the Alexander’s. I hope this brings them peace and that Travis can finally rest.

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