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Bout of Books 7.0 Book Spine Poem Challenge!

on May 13, 2013


Today is the start of Bout of Books 7.0!  ONE of my goals for this week, is to participate in THREE challenges and I LOVE Book Spine Poems…

So… I gathered up a bunch of books I had close by and this is the pile I came up with…

Book Spine Poetry


This Is How

Bad Behavior turns into

Law and Disorder

You become The Freakshow

And The Door of Perception

Open up into A World of Love

The Possibility of You

Without Pity?

Fuck It!

(Note:  The red words are the words that I added.  I used 9 books and only 8 words).


If you aren’t sure what a Book Spine Poem is…  Or you want to see a bunch of other great Book Spine Poems…  Visit:  Escape Through The Pages.

Special Thanks to Escape Through The Pages for hosting this Bout of Books 7.0 Challenge!



3 responses to “Bout of Books 7.0 Book Spine Poem Challenge!

  1. […] Challenges I participated in:  Book Spine Poem Challenge […]

  2. Wow, you used a lot of books 🙂 I think your poem is very creative.

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