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Journaling to Daddy

on July 15, 2013

I came up with an idea and after speaking with Daddy about it – we are going to give it a try.  I realize that it is quite common for subs to keep journals for their Doms.  I thought that if I was to write in a journal when I felt that urge to express something to Daddy or share something with him, that it might take a bit of the distance and loneliness away and give me the opportunity to express some of the things that I want to share with him, things I am mulling over in my mind, or just those everyday type things that I don’t get the chance to share with him because of our situation.

My plan is to keep TWO journals.  That way when we do get together… we can ‘switch’… and he can read what I have written to him in the “in between times” and I will have the other journal to write in during that same ‘in between time’, so I will always have a journal to write in and he will always have a journal to read and we can switch them back and forth when we see each other.

It’s an experiment… so we’ll see if we find any benefit come out of it.

Does anybody else do anything similar with their Dom, sub, boyfriend, girlfriend…?  If so, I would love to hear how it works between you… why you started doing it and what you think you both get out of it.


12 responses to “Journaling to Daddy

  1. Fondles says:

    i actually kind of use my blog as a place to share my innermost thoughts with BIKSS. and other than that, we talk pretty often.

    but if i can’t chat then i’ll email him. as and when… and he reads it and takes note of what is going on, then when we DO meet he’ll address it and we discuss whatever is on my mind.

  2. That sounds like a pretty good system too!

    I like the idea of physically writing Daddy in a journal.
    I still email him on a regular basis too but…. there is something different (for me anyway)… sitting down… pen in hand…. and actually writing.
    It’s also a lot harder to ‘delete’ or go back and change what you’ve written in a journal.
    (Another good thing – for me anyway!)

    I love hearing how others in DD/lg relationships, D/s relationships or any long distance relationship…. manage to make things work over the long term. I’d like to learn different ways of communicating – when face to face time is limited. I want to open up and share more with Daddy but I don’t want to spend all our ‘together’ time sitting down and talking about stuff like that. A journal… allows me to get my thoughts out… the bulk of them anyway… and then we can talk things over afterwards too. I also find it much easier to WRITE about difficult things, than SPEAK about difficult things. I have a hard time verbalizing my feelings.

    Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing!

  3. mrgreyandme says:

    Mr.Grey and I do the same thing. I find being able to write and sort my thoughts here in my journal not only helps me to put things into a better perspective but opens up communication between the 2 of us on things I am not quite sure how to approach him about. We are both very open minded and I know I can tell him anything but still have a bit of a fear of my approach techniques and never want to come across bitchy or bratty (which i sometimes tend to do) 🙂

    • I’ve just started doing a Dear Daddy journal but I am already really enjoying it.
      I think I might feel a bit shy… handing my journal over to Daddy but I know it will be okay.
      I think it will be a good opportunity to say all those things that are there in my head…. the things I want to share with him… but never get to or those things that I find especially difficult to verbalize.
      I am hopeful that it will be a healthy thing for me and I think Daddy will like it too.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Camicazi says:

    That seems like a really neat idea! I might give it a try myself.

  5. Dear Growing Up Little,
    Although I don’t journal. I think your idea is Brilliant. Please let us know how this process works lout for you.

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