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Daddy Bound…

on October 5, 2013

Tomorrow I’ll be leaving… to stay overnight in the hotel… and then Daddy will knock on the door the following morning.

A week or so ago… Daddy and I had a conversation about the possibility of me moving closer to him and if I did what it would mean and how it would affect our current arrangement.  Don’t get me wrong… I wouldn’t be moving – just to be closer to him.  There are several reasons and my relationship with him, is just one of them.  An important one but by no means the only one.

I wanted to know, if I did make the move – would we see each other more often or would our ‘typical’ arrangement that we have now… pretty much be it.  It was an important question for me to ask, for lots of reasons.  Many years ago… I never would have asked… I wouldn’t have faced the possibility of being disappointed by his answer.

Communication.  Figuring out what it is I really want and not being afraid to ask for it.  Growth.  Progress.  Not perfection but progress.

I wasn’t disappointed with his answer.

Trust you Daddy

2 responses to “Daddy Bound…

  1. MaríMar says:

    How awesome you can communicate so effectively. 🙂

  2. Thanks MariMar.
    The way we communicate, is the healthiest I have ever had in a relationship before.
    I’ve learned a lot from him… in more ways than one!

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