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Daddy’s Coming… AND pumpkins!

on October 23, 2013

Tomorrow Daddy will arrive around 9am and we get to spend the entire day together.
I brought two pumpkins with me, that we plan to carve together.



That should be a ton of fun!
I somehow managed to mess my back up… so it’s unlikely we will be having any hard-core sexual activity but I can’t wait to just be – having cuddle time – story time – show and tell – all those special DD/lg things we share.

4 responses to “Daddy’s Coming… AND pumpkins!

  1. phoenixasubbie says:

    Hug and kiss and cuddle for me. XO

  2. Aww… thank you phoenix!

  3. hispetitelle says:

    Show and tell sounds fun. Enjoy!

    • Thanks Elle!
      We started Show and Tell a while back.
      Daddy likes collecting neat things… old things… a wide variety of interesting items.
      He usually brings THREE items with him. We lie in bed, cuddled in with one another and he takes one out, lets me look at it… touch it… ask him questions about it.
      There are usually items that have a history and a story behind them.
      It’s one of my many favourite DD/lg activities to do with him.

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