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My Inner Moral Compass

on October 24, 2013

Tonight, a reader left a comment on one of my posts and mentioned deeds that may be interpreted as ‘unethical’ and it really got me thinking.

I use to care a lot more than I do now, about what society deems ‘ethical’.

Doing that places a significant amount of power in the hands of a society, that I myself deem is currently unhealthy, dangerous and demoralizing.  Realizing this… it makes it easier… to allow myself to be steered by my own inner moral compass.

The result?

Inner freedom and the possibility of increased moments of true happiness and an increased sense of life’s meaning.

What could be more valuable than that?

Moral compassTo thine own self be true.

One response to “My Inner Moral Compass

  1. Joanne chan says:

    Provided it is lawful and causes no injury to outsiders then as far as I’m concerned it’s just between yourselves.We all may elect to do somethings and not others for our own personal reasons but that’s it, end of.

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