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30 Days of Submission/Being Little Challenge – Day TWO

on November 22, 2013


I’ve decided to take the 30 Days of Submission Challenge Questions, (that I enjoyed following on Surrendered Heart‘s blog) and alter them a little bit for the Daddy Dom – Little dynamic.  I will alter the original Challenge Questions (which can be found HERE) to fit my own ‘type’ of submission and the DD/lg dynamic.  If you want to join me – please do so and let me know by commenting below.

Question TWO

Describe who you might reveal your Little side to and how. Do you allow your Little side to emerge only in the context of a scene or in a role or throughout your daily life? Do you reveal your Little side to play partners, family, friends or only in the context of a relationship?

My Answer

Of course, I feel most comfortable revealing my Little side to Daddy.  He has really encouraged me and allowed me to feel safe enough with him to really allow ‘adult’ me to fall away and allow ‘Little’ me to come out, play and shine.  There is a very special intimacy involved in doing that.  Since I have allowed my Little side to come out with Daddy – I find that it is easier to allow it to ‘slip out’ in front of those that I normally would hold back on.

My Little side only emerges to those that I feel relatively safe and loved by.  However, that doesn’t always mean that the other person, accepts my Little side with open arms.

For example, my daughter, notices when my Little side emerges and she is quite vocal about NOT liking it.  I can understand that my 18 year old daughter wants and needs me to be in my adult role.  I wish she could also appreciate the Little side of me too but for now anyway I will continue to attempt to repress my Little side when I am with her.  She is after all, entitled to a parent.

My sister is someone that I can reveal my Little side to.  She has commented and discussed with me, that she notices this ‘child-like’ aura around me at times and she has said it is a beautiful thing to feel and to watch.  She says she envies me for being able to see the world like that.  I have not admitted to her or come out to her yet as being a ‘Little’, so although she may not have the ‘label’ for it, she is aware that I have this side to me and seems to accept and even like it.

As for others, I think some people might think and recognize that I am a little ‘quirky’ at times or describe it as ‘playful’ or ‘silly’.  I think for some, it is enough to peek their curiosity but not enough to really ponder it, place a finger on it and figure it out.

And I’m okay with that.


Hide and Seek... some can see me and some... don't.

Hide and Seek… some can see me and some… don’t.


9 responses to “30 Days of Submission/Being Little Challenge – Day TWO

  1. MaríMar says:

    I am so glad you can show your little side to your Daddy and sister… even if you sister doesn’t understand all of it. 🙂

  2. phoenixasubbie says:

    So cool you are altering the questions. Big love for a special little xxxxx

  3. Fondles says:

    it’s wonderful to see that you’re tweaking the questions. I did the 30 D of S questions before I settled into my Daddy / LG form of our relationship. But my sister has also said that she sees very child-like qualities in me. And in fact, she has them too.

    but unfortunately her husband isn’t the sort that would appreciate that i think. in my opinion, she’s the one who runs and controls the household. my BIL isn’t the take charge kind at all. 😦

    but mostly I’m in my L/G persona only when I’m around BIKSS or talking/chatting/texting with him.

    • I know that in order to supress my Little side, I over compensated in some ways and it seemed to the outside world that I was very strong and very much in control. It was a defense… to hide and ensure that nobody discovered the Little me.
      Sometimes those that seem the strongest, are truly the ones who are most vulnerable.

      Thanks for commenting and sharing your experience with it!

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