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Luxury Suite

by Cynthia Davenport

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“Some people are so poor they have nothing but money.”

This quote certainly applies to the women in this charming anthology featuring three women who discover that wealth cannot buy them what they really desire – a strong hand willing to lend some disciplinary guidance.

Luxury Suite is a collection of three stories featuring young ladies whose judgment and self awareness are tainted by an excess of money.

In Lindy’s Luck, upright, honest girl next door Lindy Saradon seemed to have everything – a loving husband, a devoted family and a full time job. The only thing she didn’t have was a huge bankroll. When a lottery ticket turned up an unexpected win, it seemed the picture was complete.

Money has a funny way of changing people however, and deception and greed soon replaced Lindy’s solid social and family values. Had Lindy’s luck been the best thing that ever happened to her – or the worst?

Wealthy socialite Tasha Mercedes had landed a deal to host a new talk show in ‘Personally Trained’. Deciding she needed to get in shape for the upcoming taping, she hired dashing ‘Trainer to the Stars’ Nate Bronson to assist her – and then quickly neglected him and her workout responsibilities.

Would Nate be able to get through to his self indulged client, or would Tasha’s personal goals remain unfulfilled?

With Nicole Manning in ‘The Sweetest 16’, everything had to be over the top – and her daughter’s Sweet 16 party was no exception. While husband Richard was out of town, Nicole was home planning the ‘party to end all parties’. Desiring the limelight as much as her daughter, Nicole called in film crews from a reality television show to document the event – without her husband’s knowledge. Would clearer heads prevail or would Nicole’s plans for her daughter’s Sweet 16 party turn the celebration into a national spectacle?


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