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Daddy Dom – What it means to me

I recently wrote this letter to someone and wanted to share it here.

Just wanted to write you a letter… remember when I said that sometimes I feel like I can express myself better in writing than verbally?  I think you’ll discover just how true that is.
I had a really nice evening with you last night.
I’m hoping this may be the start of a very open, honest and transparent type of relationship.
I think communication and trust are two of the most important things with BDSM and those things are certainly important to me.
I think sexually (among other things), we could be quite compatible.

Saying that, I think I should clarify what my idea of a Daddy Dom would be.
For me, it’s not about being a literal Daddy, (although I realize for many littles that is true for them).
It’s not about an ‘actual’ Daddy crossing boundaries with his little girl.
For me… a Daddy Dom is more like a mentor but at the same time, much more than that.
Daddy would be someone I would admire, respect, adore and in some senses even worship.
Of course, that comes with Daddy proving to LJ, that he deserves all of those things.
Daddy would be someone who teaches me things, not just sexual things but things LJ wants to know more about… things Daddy might know… that she doesn’t.

By the way, I realize I speak of LJ as if she is a third person.  Just wanted to clarify that I don’t actually believe that she is a third person… it’s just easier for me to speak and share things about her, when I can put a little distance between my adult self and my little self.

Daddy would protect me… he would put my needs above his own.
He would watch and listen and understand me, more at times than I even understand myself.
I want a Daddy I can count on, that I can trust with everything.
I want a Daddy that I would never have to use the safe word with because he’s watching everything and knows and gauges just how much is too much and just how much is enough.
Eventually, I want to feel like Daddy owns me but at the same time, knowing he would never take advantage of that ownership, never use that ownership for his own selfish needs if it meant in anyway harming me.  That would be the last thing that Daddy would ever want to do.

It might take me awhile to be able to regress into feeling like LJ again.  She has already come out a little bit… even last night… she was there for fleeting moments.
I have in the past, been able to deeply regress into being LJ.  Times when my adult self is gone… and I’m just little.

Anyway, I realize I’m getting a bit deeper into this conversation than I originally meant to but I guess it’s all good information for you to have.
I hope that your perception of being a Daddy Dom, can match with mine.
Just needed to put that out there.  Please write me back and let me know how you feel about it.

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