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Guess Who’s Back?

So… an update for those that care to read it.

My Daddy ended up moving in with me on Christmas Eve but I had lost him again by New Years Eve.  He went back to his wife, after having abandoned her for me over the Christmas holiday.  That is fucked up.  I discovered how he was lying to me about so many fucking things.  Even his job.  What he did for a living.  He made it all up and I bought it.  Hook, line and sinker.  He mind fucked me.  I hope if her ever reads this – he will know that’s what I think of him now.  All the undeserved respect I ever gave you – it was all fucking lies.  Disgusting, old, bored, married man.  Fuck you.

You stay in that house… with that wife, who can’t stand fucking you.  Be happy lying with her.  And I mean in both ways.  You deserve to be right where you are.