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Guess Who’s Back?

on February 26, 2015

So… an update for those that care to read it.

My Daddy ended up moving in with me on Christmas Eve but I had lost him again by New Years Eve.  He went back to his wife, after having abandoned her for me over the Christmas holiday.  That is fucked up.  I discovered how he was lying to me about so many fucking things.  Even his job.  What he did for a living.  He made it all up and I bought it.  Hook, line and sinker.  He mind fucked me.  I hope if her ever reads this – he will know that’s what I think of him now.  All the undeserved respect I ever gave you – it was all fucking lies.  Disgusting, old, bored, married man.  Fuck you.

You stay in that house… with that wife, who can’t stand fucking you.  Be happy lying with her.  And I mean in both ways.  You deserve to be right where you are.


16 responses to “Guess Who’s Back?

  1. Cinn says:

    Hi honey!! Welcome back and good riddance. So glad to see you again. xoox

  2. Cara says:

    Wow. He left his wife for you christmas, then left you for her new year’s. Ummmm, AND he lied about everything including what he does for a living? Never see him again, he’s not a Daddy or any other brand of Dominant, he’s an abuser.

    • Miss J says:

      Yes – I’m not sure he realizes or even cares how much pain he has caused. Not just to me but to his wife. Part of me wants to believe that he’s just very confused and that he didn’t mean to hurt us the way he has. But there is another side that agrees with you – he’s an abuser and has been from the start. Sad.
      Thanks for commenting and reading my blog.

      • Cara says:

        He’s not confused, just like my dearly departed (well he’s dead to me, but he still walks this earth) ex wasn’t really doling out punishment when he violated my hard limits, he was actually crossing the line from BDSM to abuse.

  3. Williamwllace says:

    I am so sorry what a jerk may god bless you and you find the love

  4. Sounds like you’re better off without that mess! Congrats on finding the “fuck you” – sometimes that’s the hardest part for a submissive. Took me years.

    • Miss J says:

      Thanks. Yes – I am better off now. Hurt and confused but at least I’m not within his confusion anymore.
      Thanks for commenting and reading my blog.

  5. Dave S says:

    Aw man – I hate this so much. All I can say is that there are true Daddies out there. Daddies who understand that there is a real and deep soul connection between a little and a Daddy. That it is hardly about the sex or mind control. It is about sharing the deepest secrets of your soul and TRUST to the million trillionth degree. sorry that happened to you

    • Miss J says:

      Thanks for commenting, I appreciate your words.
      I must admit that the entire experience has made me despise things I once loved.
      There is so much of my little self… that is so closely associated with him… that it’s painful to let those parts of me emerge to the surface again. I hope that in time… it won’t be that way and I that I will truly heal from this. It’s a work in progress for sure and it makes me angry that I have so much to work through.
      Thanks for reading and following my blog. HUGs

  6. olgoat1957 says:

    Why is it that we ALL have to put up with these self serving, self important, selfish abusive a**holes out there?
    Why do I say abusive? . because ANY man that uses a woman for his own interests with complete disregard for her interests is an abusive bastard!
    Oh to live in the days of the ‘Wild West”!

    There would be a steady decrease in the male population who fall into this category.
    Never.. ever did my little feel disrespected!.. not ever!

    Worry not young lady.. Karma is a great server of unexpected justices..
    His day WILL come..

    You are so much bigger a girl for speaking up!

    • Miss J says:

      Thank you. Two months after our ‘break up’… I am just starting to face the pain, confusion and heartache he has caused. I don’t think I’ve taken a full look at all the happened and faced it head on yet. I tend to be a minimizer… even though I know it’s unhealthy. Thanks for reading and following my blog. HUGS.

      • olgoat1957 says:

        Allow yourself to be angry.. to grieve.. to know the emotions rather than bury them hun.. you shall grow stronger yet.. lean on those who are true .. you know me not but as one who lays it on the table.. I am honoured to be in your company.. it appears you have some great support here 🙂

  7. dave s says:

    He is a dishonest man for sure. His whole life is a lie and the only thing that matters to him us self gratification and control
    He will come back around sniffing at the back door like a dog.
    If you would like to see him then as long as he us willing to introduce you to his wife, his family, and friends then maybe….maybe
    otherwise he is just a liar and is hiding
    Littles are so perfectly precious and have hearts made of glass. He doesn’t k ow this And isn’t a true daddy.
    Me .. I’m single and my little one is part of my life. Not hidden away. My friends kids and community all know us. I’m 48 she is 21. I’m not ashamed or embarrassed by our relationship. She’s my everything. Be strong little one.

  8. Draco Dimanovic says:

    Just stay happy, and heal at your own pace, you’ll get there…

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