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Notes From a Day with Daddy

Notes From a Day with Daddy

From early in our relationship… we got into a habit of me writing to Daddy after we had spent a day together, going over in detail my thoughts, reflections, feelings and memories from the day.  I have kept, each and every one of those emails that I have written.

Here are some excerpts from the last one I wrote.  (I spent this Wednesday with him.)

Being led to the bedroom, being told to lie across the bed.  Still cuffed.  You beside me… touching me… running your hand along my bum… I love feeling you touch me there…. it’s soft and gentle and loving.  It makes me want you to touch me more… much more.  The plug.  It hurting.  I love when you make me hurt.  I love you knowing I want it.  Being played with.  Being bound.  Knowing I will do whatever you tell me to do.  Wanting to do whatever you tell me to do.  I love when you play with your spot and you remind me of whose spot it is.  Daddy’s.

Then you walked away…. for some reason I had not even thought about the knife yet.  And when you returned and then clicked it open – I jumped!  I wasn’t expecting that at all.  I was so startled and recognized the sound right away.  Running the knife over my back… mmm Daddy, I could spend hours having you do that.  I love it.  Running it down between my legs.  Then on my breasts… me being able to watch.  I wish we could spend hours doing that.

Chair Daddy Fucked Me On

Chair Daddy Fucked Me On

Daniel (my Daddy Dom) arrived at the hotel room just before 9 am, Tim Horton’s coffee’s in one hand and the toy bag in the other.  He sets down the items and I walk into his arms.  After we have our ‘hello’ kiss, we sit on the couch and before long, Daddy looks through the stack of children’s books that I have picked up from the local library and chooses one to read to me.  I love getting all snuggled in beside him, my blanket covering me, my head on his chest, Trax (my stuffie from Build-A-Bear) under my arm.  He starts to read.  I love this time with him.  One of my favourite things to do… feeling little, small, protected… looking at the pictures, my Daddy reading to me and helping to turn the pages.  I could do that happily for hours and hours.

After reading two of the books from the pile, Daddy stands up from the couch, takes my blanket from me, walks to the chair and arranges the blanket on it.  He motions for me to stand up, instructs me to remove my pajama bottoms and to sit in the chair.  I do.

Chair Daddy Fucked Me On

Chair Daddy Fucked Me On

He then has me lift my pig-tails up, as he ties the blindfold around my head.  The room is bright with light but it is darkness for me.  I hear the clink of the handcuffs, just before I feel the cold metal encircle my wrists.  He wraps a belt tightly around my knees.  I hear the rip of the bondage tape, he wraps the tape around my ankles.  I hear him take a few steps back but he says nothing to me.  I can feel him looking at me… I can feel him taking a moment to appreciate the scene he has created… seeing me helpless in front of him, gives him such pleasure.  I shrink into myself… feeling exposed and vulnerable… it’s just how he wants me.

(…more to follow)


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