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Sticky Situation

Gum City…

Okay – this is super cool… check this out…

Gum City

This was created by artist, Jeremy Laffon.  He stacked thousands of unused pieces of gum together to create a city!

Why didn’t I think of that! 


Who Is Ana Serrano?

I stumbled upon the work on Ana Serrano on Pinterest… which eventually led me to her website.

Who is Ana Serrano?

Ana Serrano is a first generation Mexican American born in Los Angeles, California in 1983. Inspired by both of the cultural contexts in her life, she creates work utilizing a variety of mediums including drawing, collage, sculpture, and motion. Her work bears reference to those in low socioeconomic positions, with particular interest in the customs and beliefs, as well as the architecture, fashion, and informal economies present within this segment of society. A current theme explored in her work is the socio-cultural aspects of drug trafficking, and the branding and acceptance of the drug lord lifestyle. She is a recent graduate of Art Center College of Design and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

I find her work fascinating and unique.  Here are some examples of what she does:

Art by Ana Serrano

Art by Ana Serrano


From what I can tell… (in the examples of her work I am showing here)…  she uses mostly cardboard, paper, paint and photos, to create replica’s of buildings or places that she has photographed herself.

Some more examples:

Ana 1

A few others….

ana 3Ana 5

Ana 8Ana 7


I adore her work!  I love discovering new artists!

To learn more about her… visit her website.

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True Colours – Rubber Band Ball


Rubber Band Ball

Photo by:  Ryan Hermann

True Colours Rubber Band Ball

This photo reminded me so much of the song True Colors…

You with the sad eyes, don’t be discouraged Oh I realize, it’s hard to take courage In a world full of people, you can lose sight of it And the darkness inside you makes you feel so small

But I see your true colors shining through I see your true colors, that’s why I love you So don’t be afraid to let them show your true colors Your true colors are beautiful Like a rainbow Like a rainbow

Show me a smile then, don’t be unhappy Can’t remember when I last saw you laughing If this world makes you crazy and you’ve taken all you can bear You call me up because you know I’ll be there

And I see your true colors shining through I see your true colors, that’s why I love you So don’t be afraid to let them show your true colors True colors are beautiful (Cheer up!) like a rainbow

I see your colors though they appear to be different You should never be afraid because your difference is the difference We live in a time where to be yourself is hard And the way you really feel can leave you emotionally scarred But stay strong, stand firm and never back down Being yourself is the only way to act that (Like a rainbow) Trust me, I’m a fighter and a lover But the only time I fight is to reveal my true colors You know

I see your true colors shining through I see your true colors, that’s why I love you So don’t be afraid to let them show your true colors True colors are beautiful like a rainbow Like a rainbow Your true colors, yeah Your true colors, yeah I see them, your true colors You with the sad eyes


Special Thanks To:  Ryan Hermann at for the beautiful photograph. 

He takes some amazing macro photos… check him out!



Fat Art – Chris Campbell

Fat Art


Floating Flower by Chris Campbell

Floating Flower by Chris Campbell




Shadow and Light – Artwork

I love stumbling upon artists that I end up loving.  The beauty in this piece below…  I adore it!

Check this out…



Azberbaijan-based artist Rashad Alakbarov creates wonderful shadow art using everyday objects and reflecting their shadows to create wonderful cityscapes and portraits.  Special thanks to blog:  Twisted Sifter… where I stumbled upon his work!

To check out more of Rashad Alakbarov’s work check him out on:  Facebook



Paint on wood.  Artist:  Oliver Clegg

Paint on wood. Artist: Oliver Clegg


Thought this was absolutely beautiful and wanted to share with all of you.

Artist:  Oliver Clegg.



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Beauty In All Sizes

Beauty In All Sizes

Big and Beautiful

Through another fantastic blogger livingintherabbithole, I stumbled upon Yossi Loloi, an interesting artist, check out Yossi’s work:

I encourage everyone to take a peek at his work and to keep an open mind about what true beauty really is.

Big x2

Artist Statement

In my work I portray what larger women represent to me. I focus on their fullness and femininity, as a form of protest against discrimination set by media and by today’s society. What larger women embody to me is simply a different form of beauty. I believe we own ‘freedom of taste’ and one shouldn’t be reluctant of expressing his inclination towards it. Limiting this freedom is living in a dictatorship of esthetics. I believe there are several ways to what is perceived as beauty, it is not measurable and has not got a standard size. I photograph my models nude and serene, to create a comfortable, proud and constructive representation of themselves in front of the viewer.