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At The Traffic Light – Candid Photography and Commentary

At The Traffic Light

Candid Photography and Commentary


Photo by Growing Up Little


Caught at the traffic light… warm in my car… drinking my coffee… every moment seeming to count.

I see him on his knees…  literally on his knees…

scrunching his hands in the yellow sleeves of his coat.

Gray hoodie doing little to block the cold and wind from his face.

The bus passes… he doesn’t have the fare.

Doesn’t matter anyway… nowhere he needs to be.  Nobody expecting him.

Nowhere for him to go.

The government building propping his body up.  It’s their way of helping.

I snap his photo… I think he sees me do it…  I feel ashamed…

Does he realize… the people that DO notice him and do nothing?

And… does that feel worse, than those people who don’t see him at all?

The light turns green.

For me.


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Candid Photography – Waiting For Her

Waiting For Her

Photo by Growing Up Little

Photo by Growing Up Little

I was waiting in my car… when I noticed him…

Far up on the third floor…

Red shirt catching my eye…

He kept coming to the window… staring out… hands  on the ledge… just watching.

His view always in the same direction.

He would walk away for a few moments… perhaps 60 seconds or less… then he was back.

Same pose.  Same hands on the ledge… same view of direction….

Again, he walks away.  Moments pass… several moments.

A cat jumps up on the window sill and takes watch.

Several minutes pass.

The cat leaves but he returns.

Standing.  Watching.

Waiting for her.

She never comes.