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Free Write Friday

This will be my first post participating with Free Write Friday which is hosted on Kellie Elmore’s Official Website.  A full description and instructions to participate with Free Write Friday can be found HERE.

Here is a small description from her blog about what Free Write Friday is all about:

free-write-friday-kellie-elmoreEach Friday I will post a quote, poem, image or thought for you to ponder. It’s time to free yourself and all of those brilliant words trying to escape your brain; without fear, without worry of criticism, without that little editor devil on your shoulder telling you it’s not good enough.


This Week’s Free Write Friday Image

FWF Prompt

This image reminds me of my relationship with my Daddy Dom.  He is the big bear, strong and protective over the one’s he loves.  There I am, my Little self, reaching out, so tiny and helpless compared to him.  So vulnerable, yet unafraid, not because he’s weak but because he is gentle.  There is an innocence in this picture.  An innocence on behalf of the child, perhaps unaware of the potential danger posed by the bear or perhaps she sees the bear, not through the eyes of fear but through the eyes of love.  I choose the second explanation.