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Such a fun day…

Just wanted to share a few photos of our day together…

My princess stocking...

My princess stocking…

Daddy's stocking!!!

Daddy’s stocking!!!












We are going to do this first thing in the morning….

Xmas 2013 train kit

Look what Daddy brought for décor….



Just in case there were any doubts…

I love Daddy Dom

Hugs and Kisses to all!  Goodnight!





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It’s Starting To Feel…



Here I am… almost ready for bed… excited for all that tomorrow brings.

Daddy will arrive around 9 a.m., coffee and toy bag in hand.  I can’t wait to sink into his arms and feel that immediate protection and feeling of being safe.  I always drop into feeling Little, as soon as Daddy puts his arms around me.  All my worries and stress melt away.  It’s like the ‘real world’ disappears while we are together.  It is so freeing and relaxing being with him.

I have so many surprises to show him!  I bought a Gingerbread Train Kit for us to make together, Santa hats for both of us, Christmas cookies…  and lots more fun stuff.

I can’t wait for him to open his Christmas gift.  It is a Daddy watch.  Daddy loves watches and has many.  He loves the look of Diesel watches, so keeping to tradition (I also bought him one last year), there is a Diesel watch all wrapped up, waiting for him.

I also got him a little stocking embroidered with the words “Santa, I can explain.”  I thought it was fitting!

Better head to bed.  I’m going to need a good night’s sleep!!!

Night all!


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Naughty or nice?


Santa naughty

Tomorrow I’m leaving to go spend two full days with Daddy to celebrate our Christmas.

I know I’ve been a naughty girl this year… but we’ll see what Daddy says.  🙂



Christmas Tree


Merry Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas 2012


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