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Daddy’s Coming… AND pumpkins!

Tomorrow Daddy will arrive around 9am and we get to spend the entire day together.
I brought two pumpkins with me, that we plan to carve together.



That should be a ton of fun!
I somehow managed to mess my back up… so it’s unlikely we will be having any hard-core sexual activity but I can’t wait to just be – having cuddle time – story time – show and tell – all those special DD/lg things we share.


Trax Has A Crush…

Daddy and I went to the Pride parade this weekend and while we were there, Trax bumped into Tinkerbell!

I’m pretty sure he has crush on her… maybe it’s even puppy love!

Trax and Tinkerbell sitting in a tree.... K-I-S-S-I-N-G..... first comes love...

Trax and Tinkerbell sitting in a tree…. K-I-S-S-I-N-G….. first comes love…


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Trax Update…

Elora - Trax on the wall

Trax hanging out in Elora.



Gypsy Pictures

Pictures of Gypsy taken today.  She is 9 and a half weeks old.

Gypsy 9 weeks

Okay… another one… (proud Mom…)….

Gypsy 9 and a half weeks old



Friday is Boob Day!

It’s Friday… you know what THAT means?


In Honour of Boob Day... does anyone want to lick the rest of the icing off?

In Honour of Boob Day… does anyone want to lick the rest of the icing off?

What is Boobday you ask?  Well, in the words of A Dissolute Life Means…

Boobday is a place for us to honor breasts of all shapes and sizes belonging to all types of folks. Transgender, queer, straight, bi, fit, fat, and in between.

All of us who are the owners of breasts know their magical powers, but not everyone gets to hear it. I hope this will become a place of support and praise. I hear all the time from The Neighbor how much he loves my breasts; I see it in his eyes and feel his cock get hard the instant my flesh hits his lips or touches his fingertips. I want every woman to feel special in that way. Just for being a woman.

If you want to participate in Boobday, which is held EVERY Friday head on over to A Dissolute Life Means… and learn how you can become involved AND see everyone else who participated too!

Oh – and there is a different picture of me, posted over on her blog post…

I’ll add it in here too:

Photo of and by Growing Up Little

Photo of and by Growing Up Little






My New Kitten!

New kitty


I don’t know what I should name her!
Any ideas???

She is 8 weeks old and I got her yesterday!

She is very calm, chill and a bit shy too.






Daddy Coming in 10 Hours!

Daddy Coming in 10 Hours!

We are celebrating his birthday!  So I have decorated!  Even got him some helium balloons!



I bought a nice round carrot cake (his favourite) and those big individual candle numbers for him to blow out and make a wish!

I also put up a Pin The Tail on the Donkey – I don’t think we have any use for the blindfold that came with that game!  We have a MUCH better one we can use!

Wonder What The Winner Will Get!

Wonder what the winner will get?

Even Trax got a new dress shirt for the occasion!

Trax ready to party!

So now… all I need is Daddy!

Just Daddy is Missing!




‘Family’ Pictures….


Trax on the run...

Trax on the run…


Fisher... being cool...

Fisher… being cool…


Slippers I wear when I am with Daddy.

Slippers I wear when I am with Daddy.


Trax trying to talk me out of bedtime.

Trax trying to talk me out of bedtime.


Seeing Daddy on Friday.  We plan to spend the day together.  He said we’ll go to Build A Bear!  I am hoping to get Trax a new outfit and maybe his very own passport!  Daddy mentioned wearing my pigtails and to bring my hair thingies with me, so he could help pick out which ones to wear (he usually does this… I really like it).  I’m a little apprehensive about being in public with pigtails, (usually I only wear them when I’m with Daddy inside) especially if I am also carrying Trax around with me too.  A part of me thinks to myself – why the hell should I care what anybody else thinks or might think?  I need to learn to be comfortable with my own stuff, I need to be comfortable with me.  I’m learning, pushing and growing.  It’s a process and Daddy helps along the way.