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Saturday Progress – Bout of Books 8.0

I am very pleased to have participated in my SECOND Bout of Books 8.0 challenge this week!

I completed the Acrostic Book Poem Challenge.

Click on this link to see the poem I created from the book title The Picture Of Dorian Gray.

Saturday’s Progress

Read today:  The Ethical Slut
Pages read today:  50-ish
Thoughts on today’s Bout of Books 8.0 experience:  Had a lot of fun participating in the Acrostic Book Poem Challenge!
Goals accomplished today:  Entered another challenge – Acrostic Book Poem, hosted by I Read, Ergo I Write.
You can find my poem post by clicking this link:  Acrostic Book Poem Challenge.
I did read (although didn’t reach target page count).
Goals accomplished so far:

  • Post a new image to do with books, reading, etc. on my blog everyday that I admire/love.
  • Participate in TWO challenges during the week
Goals left to accomplish:  too many to face by listing them!   😦
To view my post of my entire week of progress (or more accurately LACK of progress)… check out my post:  Bout of Books – Goals and Progress
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Acrostic Book Poem Challenge!

Bout of Books banner

This challenge is part of Bout of Books 8.0 and the challenge has been hosted by I Read, Ergo I Write.

The instructions of the challenge are: 

– Pick a book! Any book!
– Write the title vertically on a sheet of paper.
– Next to each letter, write an adjective or a line or verse that describes the book.

So… without further ado…  here is what I came up with for my current read The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, which has become one of my favourite reads of all time.


Picture of Dorian Gray Book Cover  T – Thoughts and philosophies

  H – Heavily influenced by friends,

  E –  Erode away his vulnerable soul.

  P – Posing for the

  I –  Image painted by an adoring friend,

  C –  Captured his fleeting moment of youthful innocence.

  T –  Truth is hidden

  U –  Under lock and key

  R –  Revealed by drawing back the curtain –

  E –  Evil, misdeeds, guilt, and sin.

  O –  Obsessively

  F –  Fearing others will discover the

  D –  Destruction within his Adonis exterior.

  O –  Obvious to viewers of the portrait,

  R –  Reality of who he truly has become can not be

  I –  Ignored.

  A –  Art once created by an adoring friend,

  N –  Nourished his

  G –  Guilt

  R –  Ripping

  A –  Apart more than just his treasured

  Y –  Youth but his stained soul.




At The Traffic Light – Candid Photography and Commentary

At The Traffic Light

Candid Photography and Commentary


Photo by Growing Up Little


Caught at the traffic light… warm in my car… drinking my coffee… every moment seeming to count.

I see him on his knees…  literally on his knees…

scrunching his hands in the yellow sleeves of his coat.

Gray hoodie doing little to block the cold and wind from his face.

The bus passes… he doesn’t have the fare.

Doesn’t matter anyway… nowhere he needs to be.  Nobody expecting him.

Nowhere for him to go.

The government building propping his body up.  It’s their way of helping.

I snap his photo… I think he sees me do it…  I feel ashamed…

Does he realize… the people that DO notice him and do nothing?

And… does that feel worse, than those people who don’t see him at all?

The light turns green.

For me.


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We All Love The Chase… But Once We’re Caught We Feel Encased

Lyrics to Needle In The Dark by Passenger

With progress comes problems

With wisdom comes age

With lessons come learning

And pleasure comes with pain


You can only have the sunshine after the rain

I took a walk

It got me thinking

Left foot, right foot

Smiling, blinking

Breathe out, breathe in

Somehow linking


My soul to my mind and my heart to my mouth

Lost and the found and the north to the south

And the corners to the circle in my mind


We may find that the gate has been locked

When we come back down to what we really are

Retrace the footprints off the path that is lost

It’s like trying to find a needle in the dark


My hands they are empty

But they are clean

I’m poor but I’m healthy

I’m halfway between

The gutter and the skyline


So I took a walk to the land’s end

Thinking ‘bout an ex-girlfriend that I had

And the pages that I’ve turned

And it seems to me

That we all love the chase

But once we’re caught we feel encased

Behind bars of love and trust

Uprooted by drunken lust

By people, people just like us

People, people just like us


You may find that the gate has been locked

When we come back down to what we really are

Retrace the footprints off the path that’s been lost

It’s like trying to find a needle in the dark


So I took a walk to the station

Lost in my imagination

Having private conversations with myself

And I’m just stumbling ‘round

And I wait for the sound

Of this crumbling town to come tumbling down

People say I’m just bummin’ around

But I’ve had both my ears to the ground


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Book Spine Poem Challenge

Bout of Books 6.0 Challenge – Book Spine Poem

Bout of Books

Click here to learn details and rules of this challenge:  Escape Through the Pages.

Book Spine Contest

Book Spine Contest

Meet me for murder

By nightfall

Who’s the American psycho?

Far from the madding crowd

Your skinny legs and all

There will be betrayal by blood


Poem – Lady Injury

Lady Injury
by Idranktheseawater

The rain was stronger than me and there was no place to hide
My strength washed away and I became sorrow’s bride
Too defeated to feel what life was supposed to be
Too clouded by the wind and the cold to even care to see
I stood shivering in the water that rose and filled my shoes
Watching the ground that could own me with one final bruise
Thinking of nothing but an escape from the pain
Some way to forget how my mind was left slain
I closed my eyes for comfort and became the thing I feared
Fell helpless to the ground and that’s when she appeared
She offered serrated medicine for happiness restored
The Lady Injury knelt before me and that’s when I implored
With no place left to turn, and no words left to pray
She placed her hand upon my head and said she was the way
I cried that she had found me in the secret hell I lived
Crept through mud to reach her with so much blood to give
So desperate for distraction I curled up in her lap
Let her take what she needed to keep me in her trap
The life that spilled from me paid the rain to go away
I laid my hurt to rest and found my place to stay
Her fingers traced my face and I became her child
Dependent for her to hide me while the storm raged so wild
I wanted better things for me but she was what I found
More secrets screamed through me while I bled without a sound
I’d rest my head upon her for a chance to get dry
Though still soaked and broken with no tears left to cry
So I rose to my feet and said that we were through
Afraid to need her warmth and what she made me do
I try not to think about the way we used to be
But time wont take away my hearts long wounded plea
I watch her in the distance and it’s like we never met
But the scars she left behind still fill me with regret
Still cold and shivering in this broken house of skin
I say that I don’t want her but she still invites me in
I long to relive when her hand took rest upon my head
But I have to make a choice, so I’ll face the rain instead


For more poetry by Idranktheseawater, visit her YouTube channel.