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Such a fun day…

Just wanted to share a few photos of our day together…

My princess stocking...

My princess stocking…

Daddy's stocking!!!

Daddy’s stocking!!!












We are going to do this first thing in the morning….

Xmas 2013 train kit

Look what Daddy brought for décor….



Just in case there were any doubts…

I love Daddy Dom

Hugs and Kisses to all!  Goodnight!





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Second Verse – Book Review

Second Verse

written by Jennifer Walkup

Second Verse Cover

My Rating:  4 Stars

Four Stars


Can love last more than a lifetime? Can Murder?

Bad things come in threes. In Shady Springs, that includes murder.

Murder Now

Lange Crawford’s move to Shady Springs, Pennsylvania, lands her a group of awesome friends, a major crush on songwriter Vaughn, and life in a haunted, 200-year-old farmhouse. It also brings The Hunt: an infamous murder mystery festival where students solve a fake, gruesome murder scheme during the week of Halloween. Well, supposedly fake.

Murder Then

Weeks before The Hunt, Lange and her friends hold a séance in the farmhouse’s eerie barn. When a voice rushes through, whispering haunting words that only she and Vaughn can hear, Lange realizes it’s begging for help. The mysterious voice leads Lange and Vaughn to uncover letters and photos left behind by a murdered girl, Ginny, and they become obsessed with her story and the horrifying threats that led to her murder.

Murder Yet to Come

But someone doesn’t like their snooping, and Lange and Vaughn begin receiving the same threats that Ginny once did. The mysterious words from the barn become crucial to figuring out Ginny’s past and discovering how their own past is connected to hers. They must work fast to uncover the truth or risk finding out if history really does repeat itself.

My Review

Originally, it was the synopsis that made me curious enough to pick up this book and read it.  After reading it, I was glad that I gave in to that curiosity because I sure wasn’t disappointed.

This book is fast paced and a very smooth read.  You will keep flipping the pages because the suspense is intense.  This book may fall under the ‘young adult’ genre but I found it so spooky, suspenseful and eerie… it made me get up to check that my doors were locked! 

The characters were believable and likeable.  I enjoyed the tension between the teenagers and the way they interacted with one another.

The plot was unique and gripping and while it was a paranormal story – it still carried that oh so important believability factor. 

Two thumbs up on the plot line!  It’s hard to believe that this is Jennifer Walkup’s first novel.  I find myself looking forward to keeping an eye out for any of her work in the future!  (Hopefully I won’t be kept waiting long!  Hint hint!)

If you are looking for a fast-paced, thrilling ride of a story… one that will keep you thinking about it, long after you put it down… do yourself a favour and pick this book up!  It’s a keeper!


About The Author of Second Verse – Jennifer Walkup

Jennifer WalkupWhen Jennifer Walkup isn’t writing or reading, she’s spending time with her husband and young sons, listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers, and coming up with costume ideas for Halloween. She’s obsessed with good coffee and new recipes and likes broccoli on her pizza, flowers in her hair, flip-flops on her feet, and the number 13. A member of SCBWI, Jennifer also serves as fiction editor for The Meadowland Review and teaches creative writing at The Writers Circle. Second Verse is her first novel.

Connect with Jennifer on her website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, or GoodReads.

Buy Second Verse on AMAZON or BARNES & NOBLE

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Luminis Logo

Luminis Books was launched in January, 2010 by husband and wife team Tracy Richardson and Chris Katsaropoulos with a mission to publish thought-provoking literary fiction for children and adults. We publish what we love: Meaningful Books That Entertain. Our award-winning books engage and inform readers and explore a wide range of topics from love and relationships, teen sexual assault and homelessness to string theory, consciousness, and the Universal Energy Field. Luminis Books is a proudly independent publisher located in Carmel, IN. Learn more at

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Jodi Arias complains about her lawyer???

Wow… the girl has nerve.

Jodi Arias submitted a handwritten, 15 page motion to the court, explaining why she wants to fire her lawyer, Kirk Nurmi (who I might add, is paid for by the tax payers!).  Talk about ungrateful.  Considering the circumstances and evidence in her case – I’m surprised that either lawyer was even ABLE to keep a straight face presenting her argument to the court.

Smug, ungrateful, entitled bitch... aka Jodi Arias

Smug, ungrateful, entitled bitch… aka Jodi Arias

Reading through the motion… I had several jaw dropping moments… shocked at the nerve she has… for example:

  • At the beginning of the 15 page motion, she complains that she has not spoken, seen, nor had any communication with Kirk Nurmi since May 23, 2013.  It’s not until the end of the motion that she mention it is HER that is refusing to see HIM.  He has attempted to visit her twice since May and she has refused his visit both times.  So… whose fault is THAT Jodi?  Are you just too busy in jail?  Perhaps starting that recycling project?  Or maybe you were busy teaching other inmates Spanish in order to make time for a visit from your lawyer, who you complain doesn’t communicate with you?  Last time I checked… communication takes two people.  Just saying.
  • She states that it is the attorney’s duty to “maintain close contact with the client” but I can only imagine the ‘service’ that Jodi expected to receive.  He DOES have other clients Jodi… and his world does NOT revolve around you… like you expect it to.
Everyone deserves a defense (yes, even her)... but for her to complain about the representation she received?  Ignorant.

Everyone deserves a defense (yes, even her)… but for her to complain about the representation she received? Ignorant.

  • She complains that his secretary was instructed to hang up on her if she called and he was not in the office.  I would be curious to know how many times she was calling his office – I have a sneaking suspicion that it may have been incredibly excessive.  Each of those phone calls would be charged to the people footing her legal bill… the tax payers… but what would she care.  She’s not footing the legal bill for the crime she committed.
  • She complains that Kirk didn’t track down leads she provided for her case.  I can only imagine the goose chases she had sent him on!  I read that as:  Kirk didn’t fall for all her crazy lies.
  • She complains she can’t trust Kirk.  Um… what kind of irony is that??!!!   LMFAO!
  • Here’s a quote from the motion that shows just how out of touch Jodi truly is:  Kirk Nurmi has little to no tolerance for my emotional and psychological shortcomings.  I hate to break it to her but… MOST PEOPLE WOULDN’T!
  • She complains that Kirk doesn’t remember things and she thinks he might have a ‘selective memory’.  I wonder if Kirk has ever butchered another human being by stabbing him, slitting his throat from ear to ear and then shooting him in the head and then forgot THAT!  Whose memory is selective Jodi?
Awww... Jodi isn't happy... Poor Jodi... NOT.

Awww… Jodi isn’t happy… Poor Jodi… NOT.

I could go on… but the more I write, the angrier I get… knowing that MILLIONS of dollars will be spent for her legal defense and she is such an ungrateful and entitled bitch.

If you want to see the handwritten motion and read it yourself… the entire document can be found HERE.

What do you guys think?


Pussy week – Day one

Beaten into Submission… is hosting PUSSY week…
Please… show this man some support! 🙂

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The Caveman and the Devil – Book Review

The Caveman and The Devil

Written by Chris T. Kat

Book Review


M/M Contemporary Novella

Date Published: 5/1/13


The animals at the Philadelphia Zoo brought zookeepers Paul and Noah together, but now they might tear them apart. When a bloodthirsty lioness stalks her cubs, Noah charges into her enclosure without regard for his own safety. Luckily, a coworker catches his mistake and saves the day. It’s not the first time Noah’s rushed in on impulse, and he still carries scars from the last time.
Paul can’t pretend nothing happened. Frustrated, he tries to comfort Noah, but he can’t get past his anger. As head keeper of the big cats, Paul must report the incident and figure out how to keep his reckless lover safe. Somehow he has to make Noah see that his carelessness could cost him his job or his life—and maybe Paul too.

My Rating:  3 Stars

Three Stars


In a nutshell – I was hoping for a lot more from The Caveman & The Devil.  I was excited about reading a novella about two men in a relationship, I have always been intrigued and aroused when two men are sexual with one another.  I was hoping there would be a lot of slow, erotic type scenes between the two of them.  Sure enough, there were a few sexual scenes but unfortunately slow and erotic, would not be words I would use to describe them.  That was really disappointing to me.

He trailed off before continuing in an exasperated voice, “All right.  Now, can we please get to the fucking part?”

When I read the above quote, I remember laughing to myself… thinking yeah… I second that!  Please, let’s get to the fucking part – hoping it would bring some interest into the otherwise pretty weak plot.

The plot just didn’t seem to provide enough.  There were opportunities for the author to head into different areas that would have increased interest but she never seemed to go there and it was frustrating as a reader.  For example, it was revealed that Noah had a psychological exam after his trauma of being attacked by a jaguar.  The author never reveals the details of it.  Another example, there was tension and dislike between Noah and a co-worker named Hailey.  It was revealed that Hailey at one time was interested in Noah but Noah of course didn’t return her interest.  The author could have gone into more about that or even created more of a plot line around that but she did not.

I gave this novella a 3 star rating.  It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t too great either.

Buy Link

Author Bio:

Chris T. Kat lives in the middle of Europe, where she shares a house with her husband of many

years and their two children. She stumbled upon the M/M genre by luck and was swiftly drawn into

it. She divides her time between work, her family—which includes chasing after escaping horses

and lugging around huge instruments such as a harp—and writing. She enjoys a variety of genres,

such as mystery/suspense, paranormal, and romance. If there’s any spare time, she happily reads for

hours, listens to audiobooks, or crafts.

Tour Schedule

Check out the other events on the tour!

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Growing Up Little is proud to be an official book reviewer for Reading Addiction Blog Tours.

  Growing Up Little has received a review copy of The Caveman and The Devil courtesy of Reading Addiction Blog Tours, in exchange for a written review with my honest thoughts, comments and opinions regarding this book.


Remembering Travis…

My thoughts are with the Alexander family tonight.

Travis as a little boy.

Travis as a little boy.

Travis 5 Read the rest of this entry »

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Magic In Us – Book Review

Magic in Us

written by Natalie Tinti


My Rating:  unable to rate


This book was written by Natalie Tinti, who was 10 years old at the time.  I can not assign a rating to this book for a few reasons.  Let me explain.

There were some things I really liked about Magic in Us, including:

  • before the story begins, each character is introduced by providing an illustration and information about each, including their age, family information, favourite food and colour, as well as each character’s “specialty”
  • I adored the creativity of Dogon (a dog), whose favourite food is listed as being cat food
  • the first chapter, in which Dogon delivers a letter to each of the four girls, is by far the strongest chapter
  • each character was unique and special in their own way, their differences were what made them special, an excellent lesson (or reminder) for readers of all ages

What really stood out for me and what I loved the most about Magic in Us, were the illustrations.  They are bright, vivid, creative and amazingly detailed.  Natalie Tinti is a very talented artist and her illustrations added a lot to the book.

However, if I was to consider the story itself and only the story… I would have to rate this book very low.  The story started out strong but quickly the creative magic I found in the first two chapters… faded.  Overall, the plot was incredibly weak.

I would not purchase this book for a child to read because of its story line…  I would purchase this book for a child to read because the 10-year-old author and illustrator encourages and inspires children to write and illustrate their own stories.  In addition, the author explains to readers the many wonderful things that writing can bring including:  improved spelling, enhanced reading skills, widened vocabulary and increased confidence.  Natalie invites other children to participate in her next project.  She is creating a collection of short stories entitled  From the Heart:  A Children’s Series Designed to Inspire:  Written By Children For Children.  She is encouraging other children to write and publish their own story, just like she did.  She is providing them an opportunity to submit their work, with the possibility of publication.

If you know a child who is interested in writing – this book is a perfect way to inspire and give them the confidence to do just that.  I have no doubt, that this book will get children writing and illustrating their own stories and if I was to rate Magic in Us, for that reason – I would award it 5+ stars.

Natalie’s heart is in the right place.  I have no doubt the world will continue to see wonderful things created by her and I hope that her ability to inspire her peers, will continue for a lifetime.  The world needs more people, just like her.

Who is Natalie Tinti?

Author:  Natalie Tinti

Author: Natalie Tinti

Author Bio:

At age thirteen Natalie Tinti is a multi-award winning author, illustrator, of 12 children’s books and an inspirational public speaker who promotes varied uplifting messages for her peers as well as their parents. Despite this early success as an artist Natalie was recommended to repeat Kindergarten as her teacher thought she didn’t have adequate language function and memory recall. However, this apparent set back would later serve as a valuable growth experience in her social awareness and desire to help her classmates. Natalie’s books gave her a platform for speaking at various venues where she promoted the empowerment of children to include: the value of social skills for overall happiness and as a tool in dealing with bullies, appreciating one’s unique talents and personality to bolster self-confidence, and challenging children of all ages to build friendships by having the courage to include others.





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Most Memorable Lines From Jodi Arias Trial

As some of my readers will already know… I have been following the Jodi Arias trial. 

Here are my chosen top 13 memorable lines from the Jodi Arias trial:

1. Juan Martinez to Jodi Arias: “What were you going to do with the gun, ma’am? Throw it at him?” the prosecutor asked Jodi about why she’d taken a gun with her when she met with Travis.

Arias Trial Read the rest of this entry »


The Madman’s Daughter

Rabid Bookworm


The Madman’s Daughter

by Megan Shepherd

Madmans jkt Des1.indd

My Rating:  3.5 stars

My Review

It isn’t often that I will read a book that falls under the Young Adult or New Adult genre but the synopsis caught my interest and I decided to give it a try.  I was pleasantly surprised.

The main character of the book is Juliet Moreau, 16 years old, living in London England, working as a maid, after her family fell from high society because of a scandal caused by her father.  Her father had been rumoured to be carrying on gruesome scientific experiments and soon after the scandal broke, he had disappeared.   Everyone shunned Juliet and her mother, all their friends closed their doors to them.  Her mother dies shortly after of consumption.  Juliet believes herself to be an orphan.

Juliet learns that her father is alive and continuing his work on a remote tropical island.  Juliet needs…

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Premier Kathleen Wynne: Don’t Kill ODSP to Save It

Worth repeating for sure.