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Tuesday Threesome Day!

Got to love it!  Tuesday Threesome Day!

Come on… Let’s PLAY!



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Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

I am honoured to accept the Very Inspiring Blogger Award from writingthebody.   I am proud to repeat the kind and touching things he said about my blog:

This is an honest blog about a 40yo woman whose journey has taken her from divorce to the scene I am in.  I admire her honesty and her integrity.  She really is an inspiration.


I have nominated you for the award that really is the best named of all for what you are doing – the very inspiring blogger award.  I re-read your about page before I did this – just thinking about the integrity of what you are doing here. You are a real inspiration, and I so hope you will accept my nomination…


Guidelines for accepting this award:

1. Create a post and reveal 7 things about yourself.

2. Post the blog award on your site, indicate who nominated you.

3. Present the award to up to 15 bloggers that inspire you and include links to their blogs in your post.

Seven Things About Myself

  1. I have been seeing my Daddy Dom for about six months now.
  2. I have experienced a lot of firsts with him, including:  anal sex, knife play, belt spanking…
  3. I love performing oral sex on him and he is the first man I have ever allowed to ‘finish’ in my mouth.
  4. I crave him hurting me… spanking (hands, belt, brush, cane), knife play etc.
  5. Calling a man ‘Daddy’, use to seriously creep me out before I met him.
  6. I feel incredibly understood sexually by him.
  7. I have never had this level of trust sexually for anyone before (including in my marriage)!

My Nominations

  1. The Life of J-Wo
  2. Prinze Charming
  3. captkitty
  4. I’m not quiet
  5. Surrendered Heart
  6. Blue 88
  7. todanceandtolove
  8. sexandtheshameless
  9. Submissive Musings
  10. The Bedroom Submissive

If any of you haven’t checked out the bloggers above…

I encourage you to!  Each and every one of them, inspire me to write, blog, and/or live better!

Thanks, once again to writingthebody for this award.  (A fantastic blog for all to check out!)



Happy International Fetish Day

Happy International Fetish Day

Let Your Freak Flag Fly!


Fetish Day - Jan 18th


Spread The Word!


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The Way I Like It…

The Way I Like It…

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Exploring and Time

Spoke with Daniel (my Daddy Dom) on MSN last night.  We talked a bit about how the DD/bg dynamic is working for us.  The last time we got together, we were in Toys R Us and he read me a story.  During the story he had me touch him, so I would know he was hard for me.  It seemed so natural, to be in ‘little mode’ and still feel sexual as well.  It was a different type of arousal and hard to explain.  It made me wonder, if it would be possible for me to be in ‘little mode’ and stay in ‘little mode’, while doing more sexual things.  I want to try it and see if I can.  We discussed it.  The thought of it… being in ‘little mode’ and touching him, even putting him in my mouth… arouses me.  Part of me, feels okay with that and part of me feels guilty for it.  Struggling again with acceptance.

We also spoke about my desire for rougher sex.  I feel like he is holding back.  He tells me he desires it too but that he is taking ‘baby steps’.  Last night, I asked if those baby steps were for him or for me because I feel ready for more.  He said they were for me.  I feel a bit frustrated because I feel like I am ready to go further… why doesn’t he think I am?

He says we won’t be able to get together this week.  It makes me sad.  I hate going more than a week, without seeing him.  I think the lack of control over when I can and cannot see him bothers me.  Yes, it bothers me.

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30 Days of Kink – Day Six


This post is a day late.

I have a good reason… I was with Daddy Daniel… more on that later.

Day 6:  Describe your weirdest/most interesting sexual fantasy.

I think it would be consensual forced sex.  I use to call it a “rape fantasy” but it always sounded wrong and it always brought up a lot of negative feelings with it.  Plus – it didn’t accurately describe what it was.

Consensual Forced Sex.  Many women have this fantasy, yet many women won’t admit they do.  Often there is a lot of guilt surrounding this fantasy.  I use to feel bad about wanting this type of thing… until recently.  Actually, that isn’t accurate… I still hold some shame about this desire… just it has become less recently.

Do any readers share this fantasy – if so… is there guilt and shame attached for you?