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Daddy Leaves To His Normal

We spent the day together.

He walked out the door, just a few minutes ago and here I am, as always, feeling sad.  The ‘drop’ isn’t as bad, as it has been in the past but I still always feel sad when he has to go and I hate the feeling I get… that clinginess… that is so unlike me.  It’s not my ‘usual’ behaviour at all but spending all day with him, being my Little self… when the end of the day comes… reality comes back and I just want to postpone it for just a moment and then another and another.

Daddy says, he too feels sad sometimes… having to go back to his ‘normal’… but I think he does it better than I do.

I didn’t tell him that I finally got the news about that job I interviewed for… and desperately wanted.  I was informed yesterday – I didn’t get it.  I’m so sad and disappointed about it.  I haven’t really told anybody except my best friend.  I was going to tell Daddy last night online but he didn’t have time for a chat… only popped on to confirm our plans, as he had company he had to attend to.  I didn’t want to bring it up today with him because I didn’t want to put a damper on our day.  I just wanted to enjoy being with him – and I did.

DD - tumbler

He read stories to me and we cuddled.  Soon after that… he turned me over on my stomach, took off my pajama pants, blindfolded me, wrapped a belt around my knees and bondage taped my ankles together.  He then took the Wartenberg wheel and ran it over my back, over my ass, over the back of my legs… talking to me all the time.  He placed lit tea light type candles on my ass… let the wax melt and then poured it into the grove of back… letting the wax run and burn my skin.  He did this over and over again.  The wax felt so hot today…  I squirmed to no avail.  He then used the knife and ran it over my back… digging the tip of the blade into my skin.  Running the knife over my back, my ass, the inside of my legs and the back of my legs.  Glorious pain.  Squirming and moaning… sucking in breath… trying to regulate my breathing to control and manage the pain.  I fall into blankness.  That wonderful sense of “being gone”… that feeling that I desire so much.  I’m not really here anymore.  He gives me that and I love him for it.

After the pain, he allows me to breath and relax for a few moments… before he undoes the belt around my knees and uses the knife to cut off the bondage tape.  I feel him hard against my ass.  He allows me to put pillows under my stomach… and he enters me.  Oh… I love when he is back inside of me… where he belongs.  Where I feel like he is finally back ‘home’.  He moves inside of me… sometimes deeply… sometimes barely inside… teasing me… making me moan for more.  He hovers outside of me… and says… “You’ll be a good girl for Daddy this week, won’t you baby.”  I nod.  Louder, he says… “You’ll be a good girl won’t you… answer yes Daddy”… and I do.  “Yes Daddy I’ll be good”.  He thrusts himself deeply inside me and I cry out.  God it feels so good.  He does this over and over again and when he eventually pulls out… it’s not over.  He grabs the Hitachi beside the bed… puts it on me… and drives me to orgasm by simply saying… “Do you want to come for your Daddy?”  The words aren’t even out of his mouth before I moan “Yes Daddy” and start doing just that.  He enters me again… fucking me hard… making me moan and cry out for him… till I eventually feel him come to climax.  I love feeling him… spurting inside of me… twitching and feeling his warmth.  He stays inside me… running his hands over my body, then slips out of me and lies beside me.  I immediately turn into him and fall into his arms and lay my head on his chest.

Daddy – I want you to stay here… beside me… listen to the wind howling outside… the leaves hitting the window… the rain falling.  Let it just be us.  Make the outside world stay away.  Protect me and keep me safe, here with you, forever.

But it can’t be.


We spend the rest of day… having lunch, cuddling, talking… Later in the afternoon, back in bed… I want to take him in my mouth and worship him.  I kiss his cock… lightly with baby kisses… running my tongue down the length of his shaft and then back up… putting the head in my mouth… running my tongue under the rim of him… before I take him all the way inside my mouth.  Deep at the back of my throat… feeling the head of him touching me back there…. Over and over again.  He cums… and I don’t swallow him as I usually do.  I let it run back down his cock… and then run the head of him… over my lips, my chin, my face… feeling the slippery cum on his cock… on my lips, on my face.  Warm.

I’m surprised to hear what time is.  Sad, I know we don’t have long left.  I cuddle into him, not wanting him to leave.  I hate this part and it always comes.  It always has to.  I know what his leaving means… that the bubble will burst… I will be alone and my ‘normal’ will soon return.  I want to stay in the bubble… in the blissful bubble for longer.  Forever.  But it bursts, even before the door manages to close.

And here I am. 



Daddy’s Coming… AND pumpkins!

Tomorrow Daddy will arrive around 9am and we get to spend the entire day together.
I brought two pumpkins with me, that we plan to carve together.



That should be a ton of fun!
I somehow managed to mess my back up… so it’s unlikely we will be having any hard-core sexual activity but I can’t wait to just be – having cuddle time – story time – show and tell – all those special DD/lg things we share.


Daddy Leaves Marks…

I love when Daddy leaves pretty marks on me….




Daddy has played with knives on me before… but this time… I asked him to cut me. 

I love that it is a week later and I still have red marks on my arm, to remember him by. 

He said we would do it again.  Next time though… I am going to ask him to do it in a place that is easier to hide…




Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

I am honoured to accept the Very Inspiring Blogger Award from writingthebody.   I am proud to repeat the kind and touching things he said about my blog:

This is an honest blog about a 40yo woman whose journey has taken her from divorce to the scene I am in.  I admire her honesty and her integrity.  She really is an inspiration.


I have nominated you for the award that really is the best named of all for what you are doing – the very inspiring blogger award.  I re-read your about page before I did this – just thinking about the integrity of what you are doing here. You are a real inspiration, and I so hope you will accept my nomination…


Guidelines for accepting this award:

1. Create a post and reveal 7 things about yourself.

2. Post the blog award on your site, indicate who nominated you.

3. Present the award to up to 15 bloggers that inspire you and include links to their blogs in your post.

Seven Things About Myself

  1. I have been seeing my Daddy Dom for about six months now.
  2. I have experienced a lot of firsts with him, including:  anal sex, knife play, belt spanking…
  3. I love performing oral sex on him and he is the first man I have ever allowed to ‘finish’ in my mouth.
  4. I crave him hurting me… spanking (hands, belt, brush, cane), knife play etc.
  5. Calling a man ‘Daddy’, use to seriously creep me out before I met him.
  6. I feel incredibly understood sexually by him.
  7. I have never had this level of trust sexually for anyone before (including in my marriage)!

My Nominations

  1. The Life of J-Wo
  2. Prinze Charming
  3. captkitty
  4. I’m not quiet
  5. Surrendered Heart
  6. Blue 88
  7. todanceandtolove
  8. sexandtheshameless
  9. Submissive Musings
  10. The Bedroom Submissive

If any of you haven’t checked out the bloggers above…

I encourage you to!  Each and every one of them, inspire me to write, blog, and/or live better!

Thanks, once again to writingthebody for this award.  (A fantastic blog for all to check out!)



Gargie Award!

Gargie Award


I am honoured to accept the GARGIE Award from writingthebody.  Thank you!

The rules:

1.  Display the award badge on your site.

2.  Publish a post to inform the world of your great achievement.

3.  Nominate 5 fellow bloggers (who have been outstanding in their field or perhaps who you admire).

4.  Indicate to your nominees that they have received the award.

I am happy to nominate the following blogs for this award:

If you haven’t yet checked the above blogs out… take a peek!

Big thank you to writingthebody for presenting me with this award!




Happy International Fetish Day

Happy International Fetish Day

Let Your Freak Flag Fly!


Fetish Day - Jan 18th


Spread The Word!


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Versatile Blogger Award!

Awarded to me by writingthebody!

Awarded to me by writingthebody!

WOW and thank you!   writingthebody has nominated me for this award!  I am honoured to accept!

Versatile Blogger Rules  (If you choose to obey them)

  • Display the Award Certificate on your website
  • Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award
  • Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers
  • Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post
  • Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

Seven Interesting Things About Myself

  1. I was married for seven years.
  2. I have lived in two provinces.  (Ontario and Alberta)
  3. Although always attracted and drawn to the world of BDSM… it has only been within the last year that I have seriously and intensely started to explore it.
  4. My Daddy Dom is 7 years older than me.
  5. I have been seeing my Daddy Dom for approx. 6 months.
  6. My Daddy Dom and I, live two hours away from one another.
  7. I am an introvert and learning to be proud of it!


The Award Goes To…

I wish there were more blogs I could nominate for this award.

EVERY single blog I follow… I do for at least one of these reasons (often ALL three of these reasons…)

  1. I admire your writing
  2. I can identify with you and what you are writing about.
  3. I learn from your blog.

So… while I would like to nominate every single blog I follow, these are the blogs I have nominated, in no particular order… (if you don’t follow them already… they are worth checking out):

  1. clotildajamcracker
  2. Submissive Musings
  3. livingintherabbithole
  4. The Double Life
  5. sexandtheshameless
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  8. MariMar
  9. The Narcissist’s Blog
  10. To Be Aware
  11. A Faded Romantic’s Notebook
  12. Switch Bitch
  13. WunderNutbar
  14. The Bedroom Submissive
  15. All that I am, all that I ever was

Thank You to each blog writer I follow AND to each and every reader who reads Growing Up Little!



Notes From a Day with Daddy

Notes From a Day with Daddy

From early in our relationship… we got into a habit of me writing to Daddy after we had spent a day together, going over in detail my thoughts, reflections, feelings and memories from the day.  I have kept, each and every one of those emails that I have written.

Here are some excerpts from the last one I wrote.  (I spent this Wednesday with him.)

Being led to the bedroom, being told to lie across the bed.  Still cuffed.  You beside me… touching me… running your hand along my bum… I love feeling you touch me there…. it’s soft and gentle and loving.  It makes me want you to touch me more… much more.  The plug.  It hurting.  I love when you make me hurt.  I love you knowing I want it.  Being played with.  Being bound.  Knowing I will do whatever you tell me to do.  Wanting to do whatever you tell me to do.  I love when you play with your spot and you remind me of whose spot it is.  Daddy’s.

Then you walked away…. for some reason I had not even thought about the knife yet.  And when you returned and then clicked it open – I jumped!  I wasn’t expecting that at all.  I was so startled and recognized the sound right away.  Running the knife over my back… mmm Daddy, I could spend hours having you do that.  I love it.  Running it down between my legs.  Then on my breasts… me being able to watch.  I wish we could spend hours doing that.

Chair Daddy Fucked Me On

Chair Daddy Fucked Me On

Daniel (my Daddy Dom) arrived at the hotel room just before 9 am, Tim Horton’s coffee’s in one hand and the toy bag in the other.  He sets down the items and I walk into his arms.  After we have our ‘hello’ kiss, we sit on the couch and before long, Daddy looks through the stack of children’s books that I have picked up from the local library and chooses one to read to me.  I love getting all snuggled in beside him, my blanket covering me, my head on his chest, Trax (my stuffie from Build-A-Bear) under my arm.  He starts to read.  I love this time with him.  One of my favourite things to do… feeling little, small, protected… looking at the pictures, my Daddy reading to me and helping to turn the pages.  I could do that happily for hours and hours.

After reading two of the books from the pile, Daddy stands up from the couch, takes my blanket from me, walks to the chair and arranges the blanket on it.  He motions for me to stand up, instructs me to remove my pajama bottoms and to sit in the chair.  I do.

Chair Daddy Fucked Me On

Chair Daddy Fucked Me On

He then has me lift my pig-tails up, as he ties the blindfold around my head.  The room is bright with light but it is darkness for me.  I hear the clink of the handcuffs, just before I feel the cold metal encircle my wrists.  He wraps a belt tightly around my knees.  I hear the rip of the bondage tape, he wraps the tape around my ankles.  I hear him take a few steps back but he says nothing to me.  I can feel him looking at me… I can feel him taking a moment to appreciate the scene he has created… seeing me helpless in front of him, gives him such pleasure.  I shrink into myself… feeling exposed and vulnerable… it’s just how he wants me.

(…more to follow)


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Four Hours With Daddy

Four Hours With Daddy

On Friday I got to spend four hours with Daddy.  When we met, the first thing we did was go to the pet store.  We went and looked at the cats first.  I asked Daddy which cat he would pick, if he could pick one… and he chose and then asked me the same.  It was fun to imagine which cat we would take home with us.  We then went over to the dogs and did the same thing.  We went and looked at birds, hamsters, mice, gerbils and fish.  It started getting me into a ‘little’ state of mind.  I love walking around the store, holding my Daddy’s hand.  Actually I usually don’t hold his whole hand… I usually hold two fingers!  I had put my hair in pigtails with these baby blue, polka dot fabric ribbons.  I love them.  I am getting quite a collection of hair thingies!

After the pet store… we had “show & tell”.  Daddy had brought some items to show me.  This was the first time we played show & tell together and I really liked it.  Daddy did too.  The first thing was a $10 million dollar bill and nope it wasn’t one of those fake store ones.  It was from Zimbabwe and it was actually a bill that was worth $10 million of their dollars.  The second thing he showed me was an amethyst core sample.  I had of course seen amethyst before but never an actual core sample.  When companies explore, they drill down and take a sample to see what and how much is there.  This was the result of one of their ‘tests’.  It was neat.  The third thing he showed me was an old Roman coin.  We imagined a Roman solider having it jingling around in his pocket… never knowing that far, far in the future… we would be sitting there in modern times, imagining him and his life.  The last thing he showed me was a piece of coral he had found in a riverbed.  It was so neat, him showing me each item, me holding them and asking questions about them.  It was fun.  We are going to play show & tell again when we see each other this week.

Then he read stories to me.  I cuddled up to him, had a pillow and blanket thrown over me… and he read.  I helped him turn the pages of the books.  I got lost in the stories, lost in feeling so little and so protected and safe.  My entire body feels different when I feel little.  It is so nice and calm and peaceful.

The day before we got together, I had asked if he would bring his knife and if we could play with it.  He remembered.  So after stories, he pulled out the knife… opened it…. let me hold and touch it… I love seeing the knife in Daddy’s hand.  I flipped my right arm over and asked him to make marks on my inner lower arm.  He dragged the knife blade deep across my skin.  Leaving behind a red, swollen mark.  I love the feel of it.  He did it again.  Another beautiful red mark left behind.  I love the pain of it.  I asked for him to do it again… but he didn’t want it on my lower arm… he wanted to do it somewhere it would be easier for me to hide.  So I pulled my shirt over and he began on my left shoulder-blade.  Again… dragging the knife, pushing it deeply into my skin…  Slowly…. dragging the blade….  He left curvy, almost S-shaped red, raised marks.  Again he did it.  Each time, allowing me to savour it, giving me time, to absorb the feeling of it, the beautiful pain of it.  I asked him… please Daddy, please don’t stop.  He did it again.  Another mark.  Again giving me time between to savour the feelings.  One more princess, he said…  Again… another curvy, red, raised mark left behind.  It put me into such a deep submissiveness that I would have gladly offered my body to him, to continue marking every inch of it.  The feeling was so erotic, so sensual, so beautifully painful and pleasurable… I just never wanted him to stop.  But he did.


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