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59 responses to “Contact Me!

  1. I was intrigued by your blog and I am inquiring about a possible review for my book, FATLASH! Food Police & the Fear of Thin -A Cautionary Tale. It’s a “memoir with a message about my experiences in child beauty pageants and being put on severely restrictive diets. As I am also a mental health professional, I do my best to explain the phenomenon of “Princess by Proxy” which is introduced by Martina Cartwright, PhD, RD in the foreword of the book.

    I would be pleased to send you an e-pub version of the book in exchange for an honest review.

    Please let me know if this would be acceptable.

    Thanks very much,

    Karen Kataline or

    • Hi Karen,
      I have taken a look at your book and website and I would be happy to read and review it.
      I am plus sized woman, so I think the content and info in the book – may hit home.
      Where is the best place to contact you, so I can send you my private email?
      Thanks for considering me!

      • Christina L says:

        Intrigued on both account topics…just got into the lifestyle of little and love it; as for Karen Kataline’s website and moralistic memoir will check that out too. Both sing unto my soul.

  2. Nicole Gsell says:


    You recently reviewed my book “The Tremendous Pagoda Tree” and I would like to follow up with you via email. We have correct the typo in the book, and it will not be in the print version either. As a new publisher it is taking us a long time to get onto Amazon, so we appreciate that when we are there you put your review up.

    Would you be able to amend your review to not include the typo error, as the new version of the book is going onto NetGalley as we speak?

    Please email me at

    I hope to hear from you soon,


  3. Dusty Katt says:

    I just wanted to say “Hi” I just came across your blog and I’ve enjoyed reading back through your posts. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  4. Michael says:

    I found your blog very interesting and I would appreciate further advice and information.

  5. Sara says:

    Until today, I had never heard of the terms “Daddy-Dom” or “little.” I began to cry when it described my husband and I perfectly. After showing him the article, we discussed and realized that every time our relationship was at its weakest, we were not in our roles. I would have too much control and resentment and he would feel useless. It is only when we are in our roles, which by the way I didn’t know was an actual thing, that everything else in our lives falls into place. We handle everything better when we are in our place. He takes care of me and I trust where he’s taking me. After reading what seemed like our lives analyzed, we now have some knowledge on how to prevent any future heartache. It also feels nice that other people love the way we do. I can never exchange stories with friends on intimacy for fear of judgement. Now I know that we are not alone.

    • I am so pleased that you discovered you aren’t alone.
      I know how it feels to realize that there are others out there, that feel similar to how you are feeling.

      I know I felt such a sense of relief when I had a ‘label’, a ‘category’ that I fell into.
      Best of luck on your continuing journey.
      Growing Up Little

  6. Hello! My name is Melissa Boisvert. I am the Marketing Manager for Split Tree Publishing. We have a book called “Hope is my Wingman” being released in August. I believe you would enjoy the read. We are doing a blog tour and I am wondering if you would be interested in a partnership with us. For more information email me ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Rickie-Lee Belanger says:

    I have recently stumbled across this Daddy Dominant Idea. And I like it alot better than the whole master Dominant Idea i have read so much about. I know nothing about this life style but would like to get involved. I just don’t know how.

    Please Reply via email…

  8. Hi, ( left a comment before i signed up
    I have recently stumbled across this Daddy Dominant Idea. And I like it alot better than the whole master Dominant Idea i have read so much about. I know nothing about this life style but would like to get involved. I just donโ€™t know how too. Just reply to this post ๐Ÿ™‚


    • A really good place to start and to learn more about the Daddy Dom and Little lifestyle…. is by joining FetLife. It is free to join. Once you do… do a group search for Daddy Doms, Littles, Babygirl, Submissives, DD/lg…. and start reading and meeting all different kinds of people involved at various levels within the lifestyle.
      There is tons of info to be had and read about with the groups.
      One thing I would for sure advise to keep in mind: don’t accept one person’s idea of what is/what is not considered a Daddy Dom or a Little or a babygirl or anything else. Many people within the lifestyle have their own definitions and that is okay! Most people already involved in the DD/lg lifestyle – know and accept that there are many ‘versions’… and we generally accept that people create the dynamic within the ‘label’ that they themselves are comfortable with and that is okay.
      I encourage you to explore!
      If you have any other questions – please always feel free to ask!
      I love talking to others that are interested!
      Thanks for reading my blog and thanks for commenting too!

  9. My Name is George P. Harris

    The end of the first book will demand your attention with vignettes which will interest you thereafter.

    I write novels in the literary tradition. My website is-

    My first three volumes will be available as free Kindle downloads on September 14, for 24 hours starting Midnight PST.

    The Amazon link is-

    Please contact me for any reason-

    Very truly yours,

    George Harris

  10. Princessโ™ฅ says:

    Thank you so very much for your wonderful blog ๐Ÿ™‚ I love it!!..
    I just recently learned that I’m a little. As Sswitch, all this time I thought that my sub-side was just braty and immature, but after reading so much online about littles I’m realizing that there is so much I do in my ‘vanilla life’ that charaterizes with a little – sleeping with a teddy because I’m scared of the dark, cutting up all the food on my plate before eating anything , watching cartoons because I want to not because my kids want to, doodling and colouring all the time, skipping and blowing bubbles (I love bubbles!)…. omgooness the list is endless.
    I had a general idea of what a DD/lg relationship was, but like most I assumed it was ageplay which I have no interest in whatsoever.
    So I thank you, and everyone else who writes about being little, for bringing this awesome side of bdsm into light for me, and helping me be me..

    • I am so happy that you stumbled upon my blog.

      This is a BIG reason why I do blog! So that the many other Littles out there, realize that they are not alone.

      A year ago, I had no idea what a DD/lg relationship was.
      I didn’t know that Daddy Dom’s had a label.

      I have so much more to learn and I am so looking forward to it.
      Sharing in a public forum like this – we can learn from one another.

      Thanks for commenting. I love hearing that my writing is being read by others who are searching.

  11. litenselleri says:

    Hey there! I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award, please know that you are amazing and keep up the good work! ๐Ÿ™‚ Here are the rules:

    / Jessica, host of

  12. My name is Rathan Krueger and, firstly, I want to thank you for giving authors a chance to be noticed.

    My novel, “Lie”, is a surreal dramedy about four women who go on vacation to help one of their own through a life-changing decision. It’s also an attempt at having the social-consciousness of the 1970s, without the heavy-handedness of the 1990s. It’s also a revenge against generic female characters in modern fiction, something I’m very proud of my characters for not being.

    Here are the stars of the show:

    Quinevere Ainsworth is the one with the problem. Under normal circumstances, she’s quiet but with the right accident, this white-haired comic book geek can be quite the companion.

    Fantine Karoly is quiet under pretty much all circumstances. In her defense, she’s a rather shy teen. She’d much prefer to watch films or let her mind drift to faerie folk. Her aunt, however, wants her out of her shell and feels that this getaway will do her a world of great.

    Veronique Karoly is a middle-aged woman with no regrets. Save for how her niece acts sometimes. She’s done it all in life, and sometimes twice. The only thing she loves more than Fantine is being a woman.

    Idette Rudelle has known Quinevere for most of her almost-30 years being alive. Although she’s younger, she’s the protector of the two. A bit like those tiny dogs that are cuddly with the ones they like, and insanely… chompy around everyone else. Except she’s obviously not a dog and I’ve never seen a ginger pooch.

    The first four chapters are here, courtesy of Goodreads:

    Also courtesy of Goodreads is my author profile:

    I am also interested in giveaways and interviews.

    Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you soon,

  13. Bryan says:


    I just wanted to leave you a note, thanking you for your post “Daddy Doms and Littles, Some Basics”. I’ve recently entered into a D/s relationship, and based on my own (admittedly and unfortunately limited) knowledge, and the information from some friends who live the lifestyle, I wasn’t really sure what to make of the dynamic that was developing between myself and my partner. I tried speaking with her about it but she seemed to avoid the subject, especially when she was very much in her sub mind-set.

    So I started looking around at the various dynamics that people have encountered and are actively pursuing and several of them just felt like they just weren’t for me. And even several of the DD/lg posts I had discovered made it out that I would have to become something akin to a saint to achieve it. After reading your post there, and several others detailing your own relationship with your Daddy, I feel much more comfortable and confident about how to move forward.


    • Hi Bryan!
      Thanks for your comment.
      I am so happy to hear that.
      I hope your relationship continues to grow and develop the way both of you want.
      It’s certainly okay not to be perfect and it’s also okay if you don’t fit perfectly into one ‘category’ or ‘lifestyle’ description.
      I find that Daddy and I, tend to fall under several and that’s OKAY!
      Wishing you the best…

  14. Tay says:

    Hi I would like to talk to you about Daddy Doms and Babygirls… Personal Questions…
    Please email me at thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Greetings,
    My name is Zachariah. I am a writer in a genre hard to define for it encompasses a grasp upon all knowledge. My research has taken me upon a path within that only the self can find.. Upon these years of expansion I begun writing along side my grand work.. Some insights in the works included are hidden to the eyes of one who is not yet on the path.. For they are recent and my work is in a back flow for just now are my works being typed out. Piles do I have from my two years adventuring in semi-isolation in the forests to come to the understandings I have found connective along the way.. Before I bore you it is about love and expanding to see the self in an ever defining holistic light.. Growing into the levels of thought of that which is the higher self.. At the end of the ebook is an outline for the grand project I have been working on. It is a framework for knowledge of the self and universe. Instead of putting my thoughts I have put youtube links to knowing people relative to the field, some revolutionary to the ways we have thought! Enjoy your journey and thank you for your time and awareness in these changing times! May the day treat you well! Email me for a copy – zachariahshunt44@gmail com

    Author- Zachariah J Hunt
    Publisher-me- Universal Reflections
    Title- Within The Art of Understanding, The Art of Becoming
    published- 1-1-2014 on amazon for kindle, also available on

  16. jasmine says:

    I so wish some one would write a book for daddy doms on the daddy dom /baby girl dynamic /relationship from beginning to what really works in a real working relationship between a daddy dom n baby girl every aspect thru trial n error n tried n true d indiscipline ect
    N like wise either in this same book or a separate book all about adult baby girls i cant find any there is more web content from several yrs ago but i truly wish some one wld write a guide book all about this type relationship. An variations ect please write a book you have a great web site n have written about this subject beautifully i cant breath with out having a great daddy in my life im in between rt now but have a potential. Im an adult baby girl no age n its not role play its natural i was with a great daddy n he decided to go back to his ex wife after she contacted him i was devastated as its not easy to fing this relationship any how i mended my broken heart remained friends n moved on put ad in fetlife n adult friend finder n. am talking to a potential daddy dom wish me luck please write a guide or book or even an
    An e book please !!!!!!! Baby girl jasmine

    • What a compliment! Thank you!
      When I first entered into a DD/lg relationship – I too, looked for a book about it and found very little out there at all… let alone a book!
      It’s something I might consider doing, if I had the time to do it!!!
      Something that will stick in the back of my mind for sure.
      Regardless… I find it very flattering that you make the suggestion. Thank you!

  17. Garrick's Kitten Slave says:

    I just read your latest blog and I would love to talk to you as my situation seems to mirror yours only in the early stages. My email is:

  18. Briana says:

    hello my name is Brezzy and im really getting into d/s,daddy/babygirl but I have a CP but I can still walk and I guess what im asking does that matter?

    • Hi Brezzy!
      No – of course it doesn’t matter. Whether you are or are not a true babygirl or Little – is not about the physical – at all. That’s one of the many things I love so much about BDSM and the DD/lg relationship… it’s so much about what’s going on in your head…
      It sounds like you are just starting to explore and learn more about the lifestyle and what it all means. It is such an exciting time. My advice – talk to people involved in the lifestyle but also know that there is no ‘right or wrong’… there are no rules per se. It’s what you make of it… what is ultimately right for you.
      I wish you well on your journey.
      Thanks for commenting and I hope to hear from you again!

  19. Mark says:

    I wonder if I may be so bold as to recommend for your review the new Austen-inspired book, Follies Past: a Prequel to Pride and Prejudice by Melanie Kerr. It has been getting exceptional
    reviews on Amazon ( and you can read the first chapter, the blurb and a bit about the author on the website: There are also three enticing,
    film-style trailers that can be seen at that same website or on Youtube.
    Essentially, the book is based on the story of Darcy, Wickham and Georgiana, as described in Darcy’s letter to Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice. It is intertwined with an original and sweet love
    story of the author’s own invention and is written in the style and the language of Jane Austen’s own works.
    Reading it really feels like discovering a long-lost Austen manuscript.
    Please feel free to email me at if you would like any more information, or to let me know if you decide you might like to review it so that I can send you a copy, in your choice of eBook or paperback or both.
    Mark Castillo
    Petticoat Press

  20. Jason says:

    Thank you you for having this blog. My wife has discovered that she is a little. I have thought she might be for sometime now. Your blog about Daddy Doms – Little Girls realy helped her see what she is and what I am to her. I can’t tell you how happy she is right now.

    • It makes me so happy to hear comments like this.
      There seems to be so little good information out there about the DD/lg relationship and I wish more people in the dynamic would ‘come out of the closet’ so to speak and share their experiences.
      I wish the two of you… a happy journey together.
      Thanks for commenting!

  21. Erica says:

    Thank you so much for this beautiful blog. Your journey is helping me a lot, since I’ve started exploring my Little side.

    I’d really like to have your opinion about a personal matter related to DD/lg.
    Please email me at

    Have a nice day,

  22. peanut says:

    Hi! I am a new little with a fantastic Daddy. We are going away on our first trip together and we will be visiting Daddies parents…. I’m really super nervous over all…. But can you suggest some appropriate punishments that aren’t to loud as we are staying at Daddies parents home. I know we are going to have to be creative, but would like to hear some suggestions.

    Also I’m hoping someone can give me some verbal suggestions that Daddies like to hear… Again I’m new to this and want to make Daddy happy ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you so much and have a super fantastic weekend everyone!

    • I would encourage you to simply be yourself and to speak from your heart.
      It sounds like you adore and admire your Daddy very much. If you reflect that in your words and your actions – I’m sure your Daddy will be very happy.
      I hope you had a fantastic trip with him.
      Thanks for commenting and reading my blog!

  23. Karen says:

    Hi Jane,
    I appreciated you posting Pancakes and Adultery. I came across your blog right when I needed that post. It was hard for me to read because it said all of the things that I have been pushing to the back of my mind and heart.
    Thank you,

    • Thanks for reading and for commenting Karen.
      I realize that there are many out there that are in similar situations, when people can identify with what I write. We certainly aren’t alone.

  24. Marisa says:


    My name is Marisa and I was perusing through other book review sites on the BookBloggerList and yours caught my eye. I also do book reviews on a website called “Reading to Distraction” and next year I’m hosting a reading challenge that pairs children’s/adult books.

    The challenge was inspired by a BuzzFeed article that is in the vein of “If you liked this, try this”. For example: If you liked “The Giver” by Lois Lowry, try “Never Let Me Go” by Kazuo Ishiguro. If this sounds intriguing to you, see my website for the full details:

    I would love to have you join the reading challenge. I think it would be fun to have multiple review blogs giving their thoughts. It would also be a great pair to do with kids!

    Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon!


  25. Kenny says:

    I would like to discuss the aspect of regression in more detail please email me.

  26. Draco Dimanovic says:

    just wanted to say, if you ever need a chat I’m around for you.. ๐Ÿ˜œ everything will work out x

  27. Draco Dimanovic says:

    If you need a chat, you know where my blog is sweety …. Everything will work out in the end ๐Ÿ˜„

  28. Khori says:

    it is private but i would like your advice

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